For the second time in as many years, TENGA took to the nation to interview over 1200 Americans, aged 18 to 74, about their masturbation habits. But this year, the data goes beyond just numbers – they’ve also dug up info on just how masturbation can improve your life. Read on for all of the dirty details…

What’s the Deal with Masturbation?

According to TENGA’s United States of Masturbation 2017 Survey, 87% of respondents have engaged in masturbation at least once. In terms of frequency, millenials are taking the lead, as they masturbate an average of 6.3 times per week. Millenials also tend to have a regular masturbation routine, with 33% of us masturbating in the evening and 35% doing so right before bed and preferring to use similar methods and stimuli each time. This trend might point to a growing sex-positive culture that’s more supportive and less judgmental of sexual pleasure and exploration.

The Masturbation Conversation

Okay. So we’re enjoying solo sex, and we’re enjoying it so much that we’ve developed it into a routine (58% of survey respondents even say it’s a part of their health or wellness regimen). Yet, only 60% of people feel comfortable openly discussing masturbation. This is troubling because if we’re not talking about it, our silence is contributing to the stigma. Masturbation is a healthy and normal part of one’s sex life; even if you’re in a relationship, pleasuring yourself is still important.

Dr. Chris Donaghue, PhD, LCSW, CST, and TENGA brand ambassador told Slutty Girl Problems at the Sex Expo in New York just a few weeks ago,

Masturbation is separate from your sex life. Many people think that your relationship is the totality of your sex life, but your solo sex life is equally important – it lets you explore some desires that can only exist in fantasy, and aren’t practical or feasible in real life.”

Despite how important solo sex is to your health, well-being, and sexual satisfaction – only 57% of people talk to their significant other about masturbation. Dr. Chris says it best,

It should be 100%. Our fantasy life shows our core eroticism, and you can’t have true intimacy or participation in your fantasies if you don’t discuss it. 

We couldn’t agree more. It’s healthy to have a solo, fantasy-driven sex life, and important to talk about those fantasies with your partner, so you can explore your desires! We challenge you to be open about what turns you on and gets you off… after all, 89% of respondents who talked about masturbation with their partner found the experience to be positive! Plus, masturbation has tons of benefits, so aside from the obvious pleasure perk – it’s worth it!

Endless Benefits of Masturbation

Some of the most surprising results out of TENGA’s research this year are the numerous ways that self-pleasure benefits people in non-sexual ways! While 48% of those surveyed said that they masturbate at least once a week, 23% said they do so at least four times a week. These quadruple pleasure folks have been coined by TENGA as Masturbation Warriors and they’re absolutely reaping the benefits.

1. Masturbation Warriors go to the doctor less…

Yes, it’s true. TENGA’s research indicates that masturbation actually makes you healthier. While less frequent and more frequent solo sexers all visit the doctor for routine check-ups at the same rate, those who masturbate more often visit the doctor less for illness and injury. Further, 41% of masturbation warriors work out at least four times per week, and they’re also 13% more likely to have a gym membership. 23% also thought masturbating before sports or exercise helped their performance! All this hard work might also contribute to the other benefit of masturbation…

2. … higher body confidence.

Want to feel sexy and confident in your skin? Solo sex is the answer! 57% of frequent masturbators felt their had a beautiful body, compared to 48% of less frequent masturbators. It also was slightly correlated with self-confidence in general, with Masturbation Warriors rating their self confidence on the higher end 56% of the time, versus 53%. Stress management, meditation, and mindfulness were also positively correlated with frequent masturbation. With all these incredible benefits, shouldn’t we all want to be Masturbation Warriors?

3. Masturbation Warriors are more likely to be employed.

People who masturbate at least four times a week are 8% more likely to have either a full or part time job, as compared to their less-frequent counterparts. Perhaps this is because warriors are 16% more likely to masturbate before a job interview? That’s certainly one way to defeat stress!

4. Masturbation Warriors have 3x the number of orgasms!

Masturbating more than 4 times a week was also correlated with three times as many orgasms – even during partnered sex. We’re guessing that this is because warriors spend an average of six minutes longer per solo sex session, so they really get to know their bodies, what turns them on, and gets them off – and can pass this information on to a partner. So… more orgasms all around? Sign us up!!

Becoming a Masturbation Warrior

The rewards are obvious – masturbating four times a week will give you more than just orgasms. So, it’s time to let go of stigma, explore our bodies, and talk about solo sex, especially with our partners and friends. Let people know why it’s important, why it’s healthy, and why it’s definitely not embarrassing. Whether it’s for your health, or for improved confidence, frequent self-pleasure should be on your agenda!

Check out the United States of Masturbation 2017 here.