Hold the phone. We just found the Birch Box for adult products, and we’re obsessed with it! Have you been looking for the perfect lube? Or have you wanted to entice your partner with a pheromone-infused massage lotion, but not sure which would feel best? Or, have you wanted to try some intimate bleaching products, but not sure if it’ll work? Look no further than The Naughty Box – the perfect way to sample some of the best adult products on the market, before making the decision to purchase. (Make sure to enter our coupon code “SLUTTY” at checkout for a special SGP surprise in your box!)

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Try Before You Buy

The best thing about The Naughty Box is that it gives you an array of sample-sized products, from lubricants and toy cleaners to intimate beauty products and toys, so you can try some of the most coveted items on the market before making a purchase. So, instead of getting a box full of things that don’t quite work for you, or wandering through your local toy store or online shop wondering what to buy, you can try several products so you can compare and figure out what works for you!

It’s SO Easy

The Naughty Box delivers 5-6 samples of delightfully sexy treats discreetly to your door for just $12 a month. Just fill out your profile (to ensure you’ll get products you’ll love), pick your package (month to month, or a multi-month pack), and get ready to be thrilled with naughty bite-sized gifts designed to keep your sex life happy and healthy. When you find something you can’t live without, you can go right back to The Naughty Box’s site to purchase it!

My (Awesome) Naughty Box

My Naughty Box came with 6 items – 5 sample sized products, and a vibrating cock ring! I was really surprised that the box came with a toy, because I was expecting it to be strictly samples. It was definitely a treat to open my box and get more than I had bargained for! Also included was an amazing shave cream, an anal bleaching gel, a nice toy cleaner, a sample of Uberlube (which happens to be one of my favorite lubes!) and tasty oral sex strips, which I had never heard of before and ended up loving. The selection of products definitely proved a few things to me – The Naughty Box has great taste, an eye for quality, and strives to give products for all different types of adult desires! (Make sure to enter our coupon code “SLUTTY” at checkout for a special SGP surprise in your box!)

Less Stress, More Samples

Simply put, The Naughty Box takes all the stress out of shopping and helps you effortlessly find the perfect products for you. You can super-easily try several products at once for a low price, before you buy. Don’t spend money on something big you’ll never use. Try them out first, and find something you’ll really love!

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Make sure to enter our coupon code “SLUTTY”
for a special SGP surprise in your box!

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