Our friends at Wurkbench are back with a brand new box of custom-curated adult toys to fulfill all your fantasies. Just like their previous selection of boxes, Wurkbench’s adult subscription service allows you to explore your desires (and find some new ones…) without ever entering a toy store (or online shop) again. Wurkbench’s sexperts pick the perfect products that will keep you more than pleased… and throw in some amazing surprises you weren’t expecting. After simply taking a survey to let them know exactly what you like… and how adventurous you’re willing to get, you’ll get a custom curated box sent straight to your door.

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High-End Toys at a Discount

Premium toys don’t have to come at premium prices. Amazingly, Wurkbench is able to save you up to 40% off retail, so you can get even more amazing toys for the price you pay. (Seriously, we tested it!) You can even save more using their special referral program – get 3 Friends to subscribe their own box, and your next box is free!

Three Box Levels

Wurkbench’s levels give you the best of the best at a price you can afford. Their three box levels are described (loosely) on site as…

The $129 Box gets you TWO to THREE premium items, TWO to FOUR pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras we think you’ll enjoy.

The $99 Box gets you TWO premium items, TWO pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras.

The $69 Box gets you ONE premium item, TWO pretty darn cool ones, AND a few useful extras.

You can also choose a ‘one-time box’ that isn’t based on a profile, but can still be chosen loosely in advance.

We’ll detail what we got in our box below… but one example they give on site of a premium box is “A rechargable silicone (magic) wand, a bed restraint & bondage system (a nice one), nipple clamps (ouch but mmmn),  a tantric massage oil candle, rubber paddle, a satin blindfold & anal beads.” Sounds lovely, right?

The contents of their boxes includes only the safest of phthalate-free products made with medical grade steel, 100% silicone and glass. The price also includes shipping in the United States.

How Does It Work?

Starting your personalized pleasure adventure is incredibly easy. Wurkbench breaks it down into 3 simple steps (and we’ve added a little more description to answer any questions).

1. Choose your box size. There are 3 subscription levels with 3 different prices, offering different amounts of premium and mid-level items, plus some extras they think you’ll enjoy. More on that later!

2. Fill out your profile. You’ll take a quick quiz, sharing just enough personal information to allow their experts to make the right choices for you. They’ll ask things about your sex and toy preferences, if you’re coupled up or not, and if you like to get kink. Then, Wurkbench will custom curate your box based on your unique profile. That means you’ll get tons of toys you love, and none you don’t.

3. They ship it to you. Your first box will come within just two weeks of ordering, and then you’ll get a new box every quarter! (Don’t worry. If you change your mind, you can cancel at any time!)

No matter what size box you order, you will always get high quality items designed to surprise and excite you and your partner… or anyone else you choose to share your goodies with! Each box will build on the previous set, so you’ll be expanding your collection piece by piece each quarter. If you want something special or to try something new, you can always tell them! Then, they can make your customized box even better next time.

My Box

As soon as I opened this box, I could tell it was exactly the premium quality subscription it had promised. This particular box was their February Fantasy Box, priced at $69. I first noticed the Blush Novelties Luxe Beau vibrator, which is a really nice quality toy. It’s silicone, perfectly angled for g-spot play, and has a twist dial at the base to give a large variety of satisfying vibrations! Alongside this lovely vibrator was Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Gold Vibrating Cock Ring. This cock ring is definitely best for beginners, as it lacks the power of higher-quality cock rings – but it’s still a great toy to test out the sensations with a partner. Plus, the texture along the ring and clitoral portion of vibrator gives a really unique sensation (and just happens to fit with the kinky BDSM theme of this package!

Next up were some delightfully kinky treats! Like the last Wurkbench box we tried, these sexperts definitely know how to turn up the heat with a risqué selection of products. Now, the vanilla gal might not typically pick these… but I certainly would! The Sex & Mischief XOXO paddle was SO FREAKING CUTE. How could you not want to get spanked by that? Combined with the same brands delightful Silky Sashes, this BDSM babe could get tied up and spanked all day… well, almost all day. I seriously love these products, and am actually shocked I hadn’t seen them before! Fabulously done, Wurkbench!

Last but not least, Wurkbench included a super sexy bodysuit that also matches this kink-tastic theme, plus a sexy Tantric massage candle and a good-quality lubricant to enhance any type of play. These are some serious essentials and extras that put this box totally over the top.


The entire package works PERFECTLY as a set, and you can tell that the curation of products was very well thoughts out. I can’t wait to see how Wurkbench continues to evolve and build on their subscription packages, to create even more amazing, sensual, pleasure-focused experiences! If you love exploring your sexuality, and want a way to consistently get good-quality products perfectly picked to match your preferences… Wurkbench is a fabulous choice. I love that the products can be used together, or separately for a wide variety of sexy scenarios. Whether you’re kinky or vanilla, coupled up or solo, adventurous or tame… Wurkbench definitely knows exactly how to pick the perfect set of products for you. With about $85 worth of products for just $69, I’ll definitely be renewing this subscription, over and over again!

Start your custom curated experience at Wurkbench here!


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