Despite the somewhat childish looking package that the Night Light Glow in the Dark Condoms come in, they are far from a kid’s toy. Designed to glow in the dark after being exposed to light for 15 seconds, the condom will glow and keep your time in the dark fun.

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The best feature about Night Light Glow in the Dark Condoms is definitely the thrill of your partner glowing in the dark. Perfect for someone who is used to thin and fairly lubricated condoms. Reliable condom with added fun – ideal for any couple looking to add a little fun and excitement to the bedroom.

The downsides I found with this condom were that I was only able to purchase them online and the condom itself was a little small. Great for an average sized guy, but anything bigger and it might feel a little too tight for him. This condom is better suited for average sized or slightly below average due to lack of elasticity.

Pros & Cons


  • Fun
  • Lasting glow
  • Thin
  • Smooth


  • One size
  • Only purchase online


Overall, it was a great time. Easy to put on, thin but didn’t feel like it was going to break if things got a little intense. The Night Light Glow in the Dark Condom came with a good amount of lube that lasted throughout our session. The “glow” of the condom lasted longer than expected and gave sort of a trippy but fun feel to sex. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking to add a little extra fun to their sex life.

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