Though I may be, currently, “wifed up”, don’t kick me out of your girls clan just yet or discredit me as a source of all things single lady do’s ‘n don’ts. I’ve had my fair share of single summers, have numerous girlfriends who are currently solo-dolo for Summer ’14, and study relationships and the female psyche so damn much that I could probably be a slutty girl’s dating psychiatrist …if that was a thing.

So when I say “we”,  I am referencing my band of Generation Y sexy, strong, and astute ladies who all womaned-up and realized that a “boyfriend for summer” is the most overrated Basic Bitch notion we have heard since “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. Single for the summer is damn fun, and pasta tastes better than a size zero ever could.

So why, by the end of July do we suddenly not really give a shit that we are single as all Hell?

The following are reasons why, in the heat of the summer, it’s cool to be a “party of one”:

You can meet and shamelessly flirt with new guys/gals.

During the school/work year, we are often too preoccupied with deadlines, meetings, early bed times (ect) to go out regularly, especially with different people. But during the summertime, where even 9-5ers attend BBQ’s, bonfires, graduation parties, and weddings, we have the experience of meeting slews of new people, wherein many of the other event attendees are also single and, with a summer cocktail in hand, ready to mingle. The summer months account for so many more parties and small get togethers, and the groups at these are much more mixed during winter months, as they are usually thrown together and free-for-all in nature. When single, you can go to these events, where you obviously know some guests in attendance, and meet others of your sexual preference with whom you can drink, dance, flirt, and maybe even romp around with. Summer flings are the best because of their easygoing and casual nature, and with summer parties nearly every week, a single gal has numerous potential flirt buddies to meet up with. Just remember to go into these parties not necessarily expecting several suitors, because those who show up on a man-hunt can sometimes send across the wrong vibes.

You always get to be “the drunk one”.

Not that alcohol equates to fun and should be the only measure of a good party, but alcohol equates to fun and should be the only measure of a good party… No, I’m kidding. But obviously drinking and partying during the warm, easygoing, and cocktail curating climate is a great time, and, as we learned above, there are going to be plenty of parties/places to do so! When you are single you don’t have to worry about getting drunk and pissing off your SO because, well, you don’t have an SO. This doesn’t really happen in my world, but for some reason I am constantly seeing couples get into fights about alcohol intake. It’s like they are always getting mad or annoyed when their partner has one too many mint mojitos with friends. Though I am no advocate for unattractive inebriation, freakin’ live a little man and if your chick/guy wants to have some fun tonight let ’em. So as a single lady you can go to each summer event and not have somebody watching you drink like a hawk, and giving you warning eyes as to say “that is your fourth drink, please slow down”. So bottoms up, boyfriendless babe.

Your schedule is your own.

Sorry to beat a dead horse, but for a third time, the summer months are jam packed with fun events/things to do/places to go. And, if your work or class schedule permits, you wanna go to all of ’em right? Well, as a lone ranger you can pretty much safely RSVP “YASS” to any events that suit your fancy. As one half of a relationship I find that my planning of vacations and events isn’t just worked around my annoying schedule, but my guy’s as well. Do you know how friggin’ hard it is to RSVP yes to something a few weeks ahead with two schedules you have to readjust. It’s pretty hard. So without somebody else’s work and bullshit inhibiting your ability to go see the world, your summer can be just want you want it to be. Similarly, being single means you really don’t have to go to events or places that you don’t want to go to, and to me, that sounds like a dream.

You’re your own best friend.

Okay, I know that sub-head sounds sort of pathetic, but its notion is actually really great. Though I am not technically single this summer, I am living in my boyfriend’s town/apartment and working an opposite schedule as him. So this summer I have taken up going out by myself, with myself. I take myself to bars, to lunch, shopping for groceries, to spas & yoga classes, and believe there’s something really confidence and character building about just doing things by your damn self, something many women who are in relationships don’t always get to do. Without somebody to always go to those couple-friendly places with, you go on your own, and you meet really cool people and have really cool conversations doing so. Trust me! So though men are awesome to take out on the town, I’ve learned it’s sometimes better to go with just me. Yay!

Well chicas, I hope this helped show you how and why being single in the summer is SO FREAKIN’ FUN. Share this post with friends and spread the single-gals guide to a bf-less summer. Cheers.