Being single isn’t a lonely, sad, empty void. In fact, it’s one of the most liberating, freeing, self-guided times of your life! If single life starts feeling lame… remember these 20 reasons why being single means happiness, less stress, and total freedom to have fun!

1. You can shamelessly flirt without any jealous side-eyes.

2. You can come home at any time you want.

3. You don’t have to move your schedule around for anyone else. Want to go out with your girlfriends on date night? Go for it!

4. You don’t have to censor yourself when you talk about your ex.

5. You can have super passionate, exciting, liberating one-night-stands. Sex will never be boring!

Getting laid? Don’t forget condoms!

6. You don’t have to deal with any in-laws.

7. No one will ever make you feel guilty about having a Girl’s (or Guy’s) Night Out.

8. You get to sprawl out in the WHOLE bed.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a body pillow?

9. The toilet seat will never be up.

10. You can dance or randomly make out with anyone on the dance floor.

11. You can shamelessly fantasize about Ryan Gosling.

Rent The Notebook on Amazon now.

12. You never have to explain your relationship with your guy BFFs to anyone.

13. You get to hang out with your other single friends all the time, and go out often!

14. You’re not tied down to anyone. You’re free to date whoever you want, and stop dating them whenever you want!

15. You don’t have to take care of anyone other than yourself. That includes cooking, cleaning, laundry, and getting sick after a night out.

16. You’ll never have to hear your dates burp or fart.

17. You can spontaneously move across the country or go on vacation, instantly.

18. You don’t have you answer to anyone else. You can just do you.

19. You can watch all the reality TV and rom-com’s that you want.

That means even more Ryan Gosling.

20. You’re not stuck being unhappy with the wrong person. You can wait for the right one to come along!What do you love the most about being single?  Let us know in the comments!

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