One Condoms are my one of absolute favorite condom brand. Though this particular condom was not my favorite product by them because of sizing issues. Even though they are marketed as a medium fit, my partner found them to be a bit too tight, and that was difficult at times during sex (my partner is above average). They would be a good condom for anyone who’s average or smaller sized. I found the lubrication plentiful, and we did not need to apply extra during sex. Also, One donates 20% of profits from sales of this condom to urban HIV protection and education. Awesome!

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Name: One Super Sensitive
Type: Condom
By: One

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil

Nicely Lubricated

The lubrication with One Super Sensitive Condoms is amazing. Exceptionally thin condoms can break more easily, especially with lack of lubrication. To avoid this problem, One created these condoms that have 50% more premium lubricant than the average condom. Both myself and my partner felt secure that the condom would remain intact during the entirety of our sex. No matter how vigorous or lengthy our sex was, this condom was put to the test and performed well. The lubricant is mild, and did not cause any discomfort or irritation in or around my vagina.

A Bit Tight for Above Average

The condoms themselves felt a bit tight on my partner’s penis. Although he is above average, One Condoms are usually a fine fit for him. I think it may be because the condoms are pretty straight in design, and do not include a larger tip. The actual measurements of the condom (53 mm in width / 191 mm in length) aren’t smaller than the usual condom, but I think it was the shape that was too constricting for him.

Art Gives Back

The best part about these condoms is the street art collection, designed in efforts to give back to HIV education and prevention in urban communities.The art is also super cool and creative. Some condoms even say things like “No Glove No Love”, highlighting the importance of using condoms during every sexual experience in order to prevent the spreading of STD/STIs. Other condoms just feature unique artwork. The tin itself is also covered in artwork, making it a cool collector’s item. And, as always, tins can hold up to four condoms.

Pros & Cons


  • Ultra Lubricated
  • Very Thin
  • Latex
  • Art Collection
  • Carrying Tin


  • A Bit Tight if you’re above average


I definitely recommend these condoms, as well as all One products. Specifically I suggest buying these condoms because by purchasing them, you’re giving back to urban sex education, which is critical especially during times like this. They are thin, and more than sufficiently lubricated, but the one downside is the shape of them may be a bit tight if your partner is larger than average.

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