One is my favorite condom brand, by far. I’ve always been nervous about ultra-thin condoms, but One proved itself as my favorite yet again with One Vanish. This ultra-thin condom wasn’t too tight, and my partner really felt the difference!

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Name: One Vanish
Type: Condom
By: One

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 1 Devil


One always supplies an aluminum condom storage container with every set of condoms. This is a huge plus because storing condoms in a wallet or pocket can cause them to deteriorate and fail. By providing an aluminum container, One always makes carrying and transporting condoms effortless.

Additionally, all One condoms come in a round wrapper. Traditional condoms are made in square wrappers, which can cause an eager male to tear the condom while attempting to remove the package. One condoms come in a round wrapper, making it so when one tears the wrapper, you rip alongside the outer ridge, avoiding tear and damage to the condom itself. I initially disliked the packaging of One condoms, as it’s most common for condoms to come in a square package. However, the circular packaging of One condoms makes them easily portable in the aluminum condom case, and discreet on your bedside table. Make sure if you accidentally tear or rip the condom when opening it, you immediately throw it away, and use another condom.


I’ve always been wary of thin condoms. I feel like they are prone to breaking and tearing, or my partner complains they are too tight on his penis. This condom was ultra thin and provided plenty of room.

Although I didn’t notice much of a difference, my partner loved how thin and transparent these condoms are. One Vanish condoms are 191 mm long and 53 mm wide. They provide plenty of space and durability for the average penis. Although they are 35% thinner than the average One brand condom, they still provide the same durability as any One brand condom. They are lubricated and flexible, to allow for comfortable sex in any position.

Pros & Cons


  • Lubricated
  • Ultra Thin
  • 35% thinner than regular One condoms
  • Condom case


  • None!


I would recommend this for any partners, but especially those who are looking to remove the feel of condoms, while still providing the security of condoms. One brand is amazing for this, but especially their One Vanish condom. If you’re looking to use a condom, but want to forget you’re wearing one, One Vanish condoms are the perfect addition to any bedroom!

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