What do I look for in a sex toy? Beauty, innovation, and delivery. Does it have a design that is pleasing to look at, employ quality technology, and satisfy expectations? OVO Lifestyle Toys has built their name on these very features, so I couldn’t wait to try one of their vibes.

Beautifully designed, with a slightly contoured body for seamless control, the OVO D5 feels as luxurious as it looks. It offers the versatility to be used externally or internally and has all the markings of a high-quality toy. Buzzy vibrations make it the perfect match for sex toy newbies, and those who prefer vibes on the lighter side or are just looking for something nice to enhance foreplay and partnered sex!

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Name: OVO D5 Mini Vibrator
Type: Vibrator
By: OVO Lifestyle Toys

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Intensity: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 3 Bees

Luxurious Design

This elegantly designed, lightweight mini vibe is bigger than a bullet, but smaller than a traditional vibrator – making it an ideal size. It has a slim, sleek, elongated body coated in smooth silicone that’s velvety to the touch. The shaft gradually thins down to form a rounded tip, which offers a little bit of flexibility. A single control button is placed on the front bottom of it and slightly above it is a tiny, silicone-flap covered hole for charging.

Moderate Vibes

The D5 comes almost fully charged, so you can enjoy playtime right away, and controls are simple. Holding the power button down for three seconds turns the toy on and off, while pressing it cycles through the patterns and speeds:

  1. Steady vibe
  2. Revving up & down
  3. Quick pulsations

Both the steady vibe and pulsation patterns have two different speeds, but I didn’t notice that for the revving one. Vibes can be felt throughout the entire toy, and though the tip does offer pinpointed stimulation, their power seems to fade by the time they reach the end. What results are very mild, buzzy vibrations that sound stronger than they actually feel.

I tried the OVO D5 both externally and internally with the same experience. I enjoyed the light, teasing sensation the vibrations deliver, but alone they just weren’t enough for me. They left me craving something more intense – which may be why I found this a better option when added to foreplay and sex, rather than relying on it alone to reach orgasm.

Cleaning & Care

The D5 is made from our favorite sex toy material, body-safe silicone. In addition to being nonporous and hypoallergenic, it’s super easy to clean and cafe for. After each use, just wash with a mild soap and warm water or a water-based toy cleaner, let air dry, then store in a safe place as not to pick up lint. An individual satin-y, drawstring bag is the perfect storage option.

The vibrator comes partially charged, so after a couple of uses it’ll be time to rejuvenate the battery. On the top of the toy, a short distance above the control button, is a tiny hole for charging. Simply plug the the included cable into a USB block or port and pierce the jack end into the hole. Charging is indicated by a blinking light behind the control button.

Pros & Cons


  • Made of body-safe silicone
  • Sleek, smooth design
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used externally & internally
  • Simple use
  • Easy to clean
  • Amazing 15 year warranty


  • Light vibrations
  • A bit on the noisy side


While the OVO D5 didn’t live up to my expectations in the power department, I still find this mini vibe lovable and sure to elevate any newbie’s naughty drawer. A sleek design and high-quality attributes, such as being rechargeable and versatile, give this toy a touch of luxury. If you’re a beginner looking for something perfect to help you venture into the world of sex toys, or just prefer vibrators on the lighter side, I’d definitely recommend the D5!

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