I have been in the market for a rabbit vibrator for some time, desiring a toy that was powerful and well-designed all at the same time. I’m not one to settle, and the PicoBong Kaya – a sleek, smooth, curvy rabbit – perfectly meets my desires. It is great for newbies, as it has a comfortable design and several vibration settings. Yet more experienced users would like this vibe too, as it has high-quality, silky smooth silicone and rumbly vibrations that would be great for a variety of preferences. If you’re looking for a new rabbit vibrator, the PicoBong Kaya is definitely one to try!

Note: This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 Instead.

Name: Kaya
Type: Vibrators, Rabbits
By: PicoBong

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee

Material: Matte silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Multi Function, Multi Speed, Quiet, Rumbly Vibrations, Waterproof, Battery Operated, Rounded Tip, Curved

Delightful Design

I’m all about aesthetics. The sleek, smooth, silicone of Kaya was enticing to me, but I also appreciated the colors it comes in – pink, purple, and a turquoise that’s pretty unique to the sex toy world. Once I took Kaya out of the package, immediately noted the silky smooth silicone texture. The matte finish makes this toy feel luxuriously soft, and the nonporous silicone and waterproof design makes Kaya easy to clean with soap and water. The shaft is longer than most vibrators, at a bit over five inches insertable length. Yet, this is a great length to hit your g-spot, and it’s slim enough to be easily inserted. With an impressive girth that’s not too thick, Kaya was a great fit for me. Others who prefer a slimmer vibe or smaller length might not find Kaya to be the best fit for them. It also has a rounded, slightly thicker tip that makes Kaya great for thrusting or rocking against your g-spot. The smaller ear, used for clit stimulation, is flexible, so you can easily move it around, which makes it a good fit for just about any anatomy.

Vibrations & Power

The Kaya has a + and – button to control the intensity of the vibes. In between those two controls is an M button to choose between the different vibration modes. My absolute favorite thing about this rabbit is the variety of vibration modes available. There truly is something for everybody in this vibrator, whether you prefer waves, jolts, pulses, or a steady vibration. Each mode can be changed in intensity or vibration power using the + and – buttons, which gives you endless combinations. The twelve – that’s right, twelve – vibrations modes are:

  1. Steady vibration on both clit and shaft
  2. Pulse on clit
  3. Steady vibration on shaft and pulse on clit
  4. Stronger vibration on shaft and pulse on clit
  5. Strongest vibration on shaft and pulse on clit
  6. Escalation on both clit and shaft
  7. Stronger, alternating escalating vibrations on clit and shaft
  8. Alternating vibration on clit and shaft
  9. Faster, alternating vibration on clit and shaft
  10. Escalation on shaft with pulsing on clit
  11. Escalation on shaft with faster pulsing on clit
  12. Random

The random mode is not my favorite, but it’s interesting, and, like the best lover, just might grow on me while simultaneously surprising me at every turn. Though switching from mode to mode might take some getting used to for less experienced users, the variety vibrations and strengths available makes Kaya a great fit.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet Kaya is! I live with my parents still, so discreetness is key. If you live with nosy roommates, Kaya is definitely a great option for a rabbit. When I took Kaya into the shower, I couldn’t even hear the motor over the sound of the running water. Don’t let that quiet motor fool you, though! It packs a powerful punch! The battery compartment can be accessed by opening a twist-off plastic lid. This vibrator uses two AAA batteries. Once the lid is snugly shut, Kaya is submersible up to one meter.

Pros & Cons


  • So many vibration patterns!
  • Super quiet motor
  • Flexible clit stimulator
  • Waterpoof


  • Some technical issues switching between modes
  • Vibrations are mid-level, which may be too weak for some


I found the PicoBong Kaya to be a great overall vibrator, and it would be a great fit for someone who has never used a rabbit before. It’s fun, un-intimidating and can be customized in use for just about anyone, with several speeds and vibration patterns to suit your preferences. The vibrations may be too weak for those who prefer intense power, but most people will find these vibrations to be a great fit. I will definitely be using Kaya for more solo play in the future, and it would be fun to use with a partner as well! As someone who has been searching for the perfect rabbit forever, ladies and gents – I think I’ve found The One!

This product is no longer available. We recommend Lovehoney’s Happy Rabbit 2 Instead.


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