There is something special about freshly shaved legs and a nice piece of lingerie. Within seconds you go from “Netflix and chill” to “hump and record.” As an advocator for all women feeling confident and sexy, I love lingerie. I not only support it to spice things up with a partner but it also acts as a self-esteem booster. On those days when you are sad but not really sure why, put on a face mask and slip into some sexiness. I promise it will make a world of difference. This Pink Lipstick Web of Seduction Tube Dress will definitely accomplish both of those things.

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our other favorite lingerie here.

Type: Bodystocking
By: Pink Lipstick

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Materials: Nylon and spandex

Special Features: Super sexy, glows in blacklight

Sexiness to the Max

One of the best things about lingerie as a whole is that you can leave as much or as little to the imagination as you desire. And this Web of Seduction Tube Dress does not leave much except a jaw dropped. The top of the strapless bodystocking is made of a zig-zag netting. The webs are small enough that your breasts won’t pop out uncontrollably (that was one of my concerns). Instead, the web just nicely slips over your chest. After the webbing ends right above the pelvis, there is roughly ten inches of solid skirt to cover your precious gems. It adds the perfect little peek-a-boo. Plot twist. Wear it “upside down” and leave your other goods to the imagination while showing off your booty. The world, and this piece, is truly what you make it.

Soft and Sweet

What’s worse than itchy fabric? Maybe eight hours of Nickelback on repeat, but that’s for another day. You don’t have to worry about itchy or harsh material with this tube dress. The nylon and spandex make the lingerie feel soft and comfortable on your skin. Not to mention, the fabric is thick so there is some substance to the netting rather than feeling as if you were wrapped in a ball of yarn. Don’t be fooled by the white color though. This piece glows in blacklight. Not many partners could see that one coming. If you want to add some pizazz, this will definitely help.

As one mild disclaimer, this Web of Seduction Tube Dress is labeled as “one size fits most.” This is not necessarily true. I am a size 16, the national average, and was not able to fit into the piece. My size 6 roommate also had mild difficulties but it did fit. I would still support anyone purchasing this product if it fit correctly. You may just want to be mindful of sizing considering it is not “one size fists most.”

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple ways to wear
  • Glows in blacklight
  • Soft and smooth


  • It is not “one size fits most”


A wise person said, “You must invest into yourself before others.” Lingerie must fall into this category, right? The Pink Lipstick Web of Seduction Tube Dress is a full-fledged sexy piece to add some spice into your “special” wardrobe. Other than the sizing mishap, I would still support my girlfriends in this purchase if we were confident it would fit. Regardless, this piece is sure to light up your closet, both literally and figuratively.

Note: This product is no longer available. Check out our other favorite lingerie here.



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