Pipedream’s WOW! Total Ecstasy 2 is a thrilling triple vibrator designed to be inserted vaginally and anally, plus a clitoral rabbit. This intense design is perfect for a multi-orgasmic experience, and hits all the right spots for your pleasure. If you already love rabbit vibrators and want to add anal play into the mix, this vibrator is perfect for you! It has mid-level to strong vibrations that are sure to please a variety of preferences, and several speeds and settings. I love it, and would highly recommend it!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the Lovelife Adventure instead.

Name: Pipedream Total Ecstasy 2
Type: Vibrators, Rabbits, Triple Stimulation Vibes, Dual Penetration Toys, Anal Toys
By: Pipedream

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Naughtiness: 5 Devils
Quality: 4 Stars
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 4 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Several Speeds, Multi Function, Rotation, Waterproof, Three Motors, Battery

The Size

The Total Ecstasy 2 is not as intimidating as it appears at first glance. I pulled this vibrator out of the package and instantly thought “how on earth is that going to fit”? It looks and feels very intimidating at first because of the size of the vibrator and its weight. It feels a bit “clunky” and is by far the biggest vibrator I have ever used. But, it’s quite easy to insert, especially with a little lube, and the size of the anal beads is just right. The bunny ears and the anal beads are very proportional, flexible to fit a variety of body types, and are a great size. The shaft is somewhat realistic in size and shape, and also flexible for extra comfort. It has several ridges at the top to stimulate your g-spot for extra pleasure.

The Anal Beads

In general, the anal beads are not as intimidating or as big as they initially appear. The anal beads increase slowly in size so the insertion is gradual and seamless. With a little lube, it’s very easy to insert, even for a beginner. The anal beads are flexible and are a simple to clean silicone. It does require a bit of effort and positioning to make the anal beads work properly, but that’s natural with any anal toy. They deliver an intense vibration which is so pleasurable! Trust me, keep an open mind with this toy and you won’t be sorry!

Vibration & Rotation

This toy has three points for vibration. There is a clitoral vibrator “bunny”, the anal beads, and the vibrating shaft. There is also a “rotating” portion in the shaft which can rotate counter clockwise or clockwise. There is a low, medium, or high vibration setting for the shaft, clitoral rabbit, and anal beads. The vibrations are mid-level and would be perfect for most preferences (unless you prefer very strong, rumbling vibrations like the Hitachi). These vibrations would be thrilling for nearly everyone. There are no pulsation patterns in the shaft, but the clit and anal portion have vibration patterns.

The patterns are:

  1. Steady vibration
  2. Low to high
  3. Pulsations
  4. Faster low to high
  5. Very fast pulsations

I love that there is a clit and anal vibration, but I don’t like that they can not be controlled separately. There is no way to just turn on just the clit or anal vibration. They are controlled by the same button, so always have the same speed and pattern. I wish there was a way to separate the portions, so there could be high intensity vibrations in the clit and low intensity through the anal beads. But besides this small flaw, the variety and strength of the vibrations throughout the toy is really nice!

Turning off the toy took a bit of trial and error but I found out it is turned off by pressing the right button on the bottom. The middle button on the toy changes the direction of the rotation. All parts of the toy are pretty noisy, so if you have roommates, beware! You may want to wait until you’re home alone.

Pros & Cons


  • Great, surprisingly comfortable design
  • Triple stimulation
  • Mid-level to strong vibrations with several patterns
  • Easy to clean, body-safe silicone
  • Waterproof


  • Not rechargeable


This toy really does live up to its name. What I found most impressive was how quickly this toy brought me to orgasm. I usually have a difficult time climaxing and it takes me at least 30 minutes, but this toy had me reaching orgasm within the first 10 minutes. It will exceed your expectations in the most enjoyable way. It is a bit hard to maneuver when using for solo play (it took a while to position everything just right) but it is so worth the extra effort. You can feel the vibrations strongly throughout the toy, and the rotation is also a huge plus. You can really tell that the toy has a powerful motor and is durable. I love this vibrator and I and I have already recommended it to a few friends. It’s a great toy for people who are looking to explore more and expand their comfort zones. It is a great toy to add to your collection and will make a great addition to ever girl’s little “black box”.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the Lovelife Adventure instead.

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