All you single ladies, all you single ladies. Every now and then, you and your lady friends need to have a girl’s night out to relax and unwind. This is especially important if you have had a long and stressful week at work or school. Now, a girl’s night might seem like a pretty easy thing to plan out, but it can be a little stressful in its own right if you don’t do it properly. You need to be able to relax with the other important ladies in your life right now, but not at the cost of your own stress-free mind.

One thing you absolutely should not do is let all the pressure that comes with organizing your night affect the amount of fun you have on the night itself. If you follow some pretty basic tips, you can ensure that you have a night that sticks with you for a long time indeed.

Pre-drinks and Cocktails Are a Must

For starters, let the ladies come over to your place to have some pre-drinks and cocktails before you set out on your nightly adventure. This is also a more convenient way to meet with everyone at one place before going out to paint the town red. You could even just go to dinner- whatever it is you girls love to do. This is also the perfect time to try out drinks you have never tried before. There is a huge element of fun to mixing up new cocktails and messing them up. There are tons of cocktail recipes on the internet that you can try out.

Look Like the Sexiest Thing Alive

Next up is your outfit, of course. This is one of THE best ways to ensure that you have the most awesome night EVER. Looking great means feeling great. This is a fact of life. When you look absolutely stunning, your levels of self-confidence shoot through the roof and can turn you into a princess on the inside as well as out. Do whatever it takes to look your best and feel confident. Make an effort and make yourself look like a boss, whatever your profession!

Don’t Drag Debbie Downer, Duh

This last one is a little mean, but is a necessary evil. If you take a look at your usual group of girls, there is going to be one who is a little bit of a drama queen. A Debbie downer when she is drunk, if you will. We all need this emotional rollercoaster in our group of friends, of course. The problem is that she might not be the best person to bring along on your night out. If you really want that perfect night, it might be the best idea to conveniently forget to call her up and get her to come.

As long as you have a group of girlfriends who are positive, happy, and want to have a fun night out, you should be able to relax, let go of all that stress, and unwind until you drift off into the sunset. Or sunrise, if you party long enough.