Today, I am utterly devastated by the results of yesterday’s election. I haven’t yet wrapped my head around it, but am definitely in one of the stages of grief.

In the midst of this despair, we are uniting to promise you that we will use SGP’s platform to fight for change.

First, some of us are taking a mental health day to mourn. If you need to, feel no shame in curling up on the couch with good movies and a tub of ice cream. After all, we all need a little self-care. Personally, part of my mental health day has included donating to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, and signing up for as many pro-woman, pro-LGBT, pro-POC causes, organizations, and blogs that I could find. Within the next few days, we’re going to release a comprehensive list of these organizations, and hope you’ll contribute many more to our list.

Then, we’re going to use our writing and reach here at SGP to inspire change, spark activism, speak out against harmful policies, now and throughout this presidency. We will support as many pro-women, pro-LGBT, pro-POC, pro-humanity organizations as we can find, and work to create change. We will speak out vehemently against any anti-woman, anti-LGBT, anti-POC, anti-humanity legislation that comes to pass. We will show support for and solidarity with our fellow humans who are also terrified and devastated. We will be the change we want to see, and advocate for that change. If you feel passionate about this and want to join us in our fight, we welcome you to write with us and exercise your voice through freedom of press.

We vow to stand with our fellow LGBT friends. We will stand with our fellow people of color. We will stand with our fellow women. We will stand with all of our fellow humans who feel scared, terrified to go through today, knowing we live in a world actively against us and our well-being.

We are in this together. Our voices are loud. We still have power. And we will not stop fighting. We can’t.

We have a long road ahead. It’s important that we keep our voices loud and heard, not just now, but until this presidency is over.

We have the power to do it, and I believe that it’s not only our right – it’s our responsibility.

All our love,
Lorrae & the SGP Team