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Slutty Girl Problems is looking for talented, passionate writers to contribute high-quality and original posts. Please read through our requirements below and email us to apply.

Who We Are

SGP was founded to support womxn and femmes as they explore their sexuality without shame, providing an open-minded, non-judgmental, and educational platform to promote sex-positive empowerment. We approach human sexuality through a vigorously sex-positive lens, and we aim to support all our readers and followers in their unique journey to overcome all forms of sex-based shame, whether it’s slut-shaming, body-shaming, or kink-shaming. It is our mission to highlight an array of voices across genders and identities to provide a platform for women, femmes, and other folks to share their experiences, perspectives, and expertise.

Slutty Girl Problems’ Voice

We aim to create content that feels approachable, engaging, and from a unique perspective, all while taking a more high-level, philosophical, and nuanced approach to the complex cultural factors, upbringing, and intersection of identities that shape our sexual beliefs and experiences, and how those beliefs influence our lives, relationships, and expression. While we still value the edgy humor that defined our brand when it was first founded back in 2011, we now strive to take a broader look at sexuality and the systemic, cultural, societal, learned, and subconscious factors that influence how we frame and shape our own and societal perspectives of sexuality.

What kind of articles are you looking for?

SGP publishes think pieces, listicles, exploration pieces, and traditional articles, focusing on sexuality, feminism, activism, intersectionality, identity, dating, and relationships. We receive a huge number of submissions so please be mindful of the following before submitting your post or application. Here are some or our favorite concepts

If you would like to submit articles on a non-regular basis, Submit Here.

As of 1/1/14 – Please Note: By submitting any content to the site, you agree that we can use your content anywhere in accordance with our Submission Agreement.

Keep reading for more on how to apply below!

Why write for Slutty Girl Problems?

We are a passion-led, small-scale company on an empowering mission. We don’t have investors, big business funding, or mega-advertisers backing us. Because of these grass-roots limitations, most of our creative writing comes from guest contributors. Exceptionally good-fit writing that requires very little editing, may be able to be paid. Feel free to submit a draft, and we can let you know if we’d be able to publish it, and explore a rate.

We love to support our writing community with the opportunity for paid assignments, free products, and other perks whenever available – and our team of guest contributors are always first to know about paid assignments, opportunities, and position openings within our team.

  • Get EXPOSURE. Slutty Girl Problems is a leading voice in the sex-positive empowerment movement. When you write for SGP, you’ll get exposure to our large audience, space where you can promote you blog, Instagram, or other socials in your bio, and opportunities to work on a diverse set of projects and clients as our relationship grows
  • Get PUBLISHED. Your experience can be used on a resume, portfolio, or job application, and our founder and editors are happy to serve as references. We also often recommend our writers to clients and affiliate companies for outside contract work and projects!
  • Get PERKS. 
    • Our writers are the first folks we connect with for opportunities to advance to paid positions – including copywriting for site and social media projects, advertorial projects, SEO-building, social media or project management, managing the newsletter or podcast, or other paid assignments as we grow in the future with big dreams.
    • Writers also have the opportunity for free products to review – and get access to any special announcements, features, opportunities, and sales before the public.
  • We completely understand that this isn’t the right fit for everyone, and genuinely look forward to expanding in the future to be able to welcome more voices and support bringing on more content creators! We’re so excited to share your story with our community!
  • EXPRESS yourself. As a writer, your voice supports and empowers others worldwide. Share your thoughts with a huge audience around the world, boosting your posts to over over 500K+ social followers.
  • Extras. Writers get online discounts, special access, and advanced announcements when available. You’ll also be first to know about exclusive contests and giveaways, and get free products!
  • Community. We have a community of writers who connect via our private channel to share ideas, collaborate, and connect!

What are the expectations?

To stay active and be considered for ongoing paid projects, assignments, and product review opportunities, we look for –

  • Regular Articles. A minimum of 1 article each month to be considered in our “active” pool of writers who are first to get paid assignments, opportunities to review products, and other opportunities. To submit non-regularly, Submit Here.
  • Original with little need to editing. As we’re a small team with often volunteer staff, we prioritize writing that is clear and concise, and requires very little editing before going live on-site.
  • Passionate self-starter. It’s up to you to pitch your topics and submit your drafts for consideration. We look for writers who are organized, motivated, passionate self-starters to be brought on for paid opportunities
  • There is no deadline for applying, and we are accepting on a rolling basis. Must be 18 or older.
  • We’re looking specifically for posts that highlight unique perspectives, unique angles, or think outside the box to examine nuanced sexuality topics. If you have new idea, let us know!


  • Submit a resume, cover letter, and writing samples to [email protected]
  • Include links to any published works, if applicable, so we can get a feel for your writing style.
    • If you don’t have writing samples specific to the sexuality niche, please provide a 500-word sample that reflects your voice and writing style, that would theoretically the first piece you’d pitch to write and draft for Slutty Girl Problems. This should be as a link to Google Drive or as an attached document.
  • Please reflect on the following questions to include in your application –
    • What is your passion or interest in this niche industry? / What do you want to write for SGP?
    • What topics would you like to write about? What are you experienced in and knowledgable about?
    • Share 3-5 post ideas that you might pitch to our editors in a month
  • Copy and paste THIS DOCUMENT into a document.  Agree to the terms by writing your name and the date. Save as a PDF and attach to your email.
  • Send to [email protected] with the subject “Writer Application for (Your Name)”.

If you’d like to submit articles on a non-regular basis (exposure without other benefits) you can Submit Here.

When you’ll hear from us

You will be contacted if your application is accepted, and we will onboard you into the role! You will get a profile on our site to accompany your posts, with a short bio, photo, and optional link. Your work may also be edited, condensed, and adapted for use on social media, such as an Instagram caption. If you would like to be credited on Instagram, please include an IG @username so we can attribute the caption to you.

If your post is accepted, it will be shared on our website and often to our community of 500,000+ followers on social media. Your work will help support, empower, and educate people of all genders, backgrounds, and identities all over the world as they explore and express their own authentic sexuality.

If you do not hear back, your submission was not accepted for publication. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all inquiries due to the high volume received. Due to our small team and influx of applications and submissions, we are only able to follow up with applications that are fully complete and ready-to-publish with very little editing. We cannot give edits or critiques to pieces that not ready-to-go, or gives reasons why the piece was not accepted.

If we decide to accept your post, we will always look over your work before it is published. We may edit it for grammar, flow, or content. We will let you know of any major changes and may request that you edit it again or add more content. Always let us know if you have any questions!


As of 1/1/14 – Please Note: By submitting any content to the site, you agree that we can use your content anywhere in accordance with our Submission Agreement.

By submitting, you agree that your content becomes the property of Slutty Girl Problems LLC, and we have the right to use it. By submitting this content, you have read and agree to our Terms and Conditions and Submission Agreement.