As someone who’s usually single, I never really saw the point in purchasing lingerie – but recently, I had a change of heart. In the past, nothing made me feel sexier than the perfect set of matching bra and panties, and I figured the right lingerie would only amplify that feeling. René Rofé’s Off The Hook Lace Dress does just that. Comfortable, stylish, and sexy – it’s the perfect dress to wear to impress your partner or make your own jaw drop when you gaze at yourself in the mirror.

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can find similar designs at Adam & Eve!

Name: Off The Hook Lace Dress
Type: Lingerie
Designer: René Rofé

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Material: Nylon, Spandex
Qualities: Form Fitting, Dress, Mesh, Comfortable, Elegant, Black, Stretchy


This piece is One Size Fits Most. The Off The Hook dress definitely fit me, and it did so similarly to the model on the cover. I was worried because I’m small-chested and didn’t think that this particularly lingerie would look flattering with my assets or lack there-of. But, I was pleasantly surprised! The cut-outs helped to accentuate my itty bitties, while I imagine they would look great on bigger boobs as well. The short cut of the dress was also really flattering on my behind, hugging my ass and making it look extra perky! If you’re typically self conscious about either of those assets, or your tummy, this form-fitting piece covers enough to keep things ultra-flattering.

Since this piece of lingerie is made from nylon and spandex, it certainly has room to give. I’m on the taller side and the dress was as short on me, as it was pictured on the packaging. I found this dress to be comfortable and flattering on my body type. Although it’s technically one size fits most, I would venture to say anyone who wears a XS-XL would probably feel comfortable and sexy in this get-up.


The cut-outs on this dress are what really stand out to me. The lacy floral design is adorable, while the larger gaps down the center of the back are flirty and enticing. On the front, the gaps between the breasts are really beautiful and certainly work a bit of magic. I’m small-chested and generally avoid cut-outs near my breasts, but the stretchy material combined with the effect of the gaps created an illusion of cleavage that left me feeling sexy and curvy.

This sleeves on the Off The Hook dress are awesome, too. They’re malleable and can be moved to flatter you however you like. Bunch them all together to create a spaghetti-strap effect or layer them down your bicep to add an illusion of toning or to accentuate already muscular arms! They’re loose-fitting compared to the rest of the dress, but still stretchy, so I image they’ll create the same look on most sizes.

If you like lingerie that is versatile enough to be rocked underneath clothing as well as in the bedroom, this dress might not cut it. The cut-outs don’t make most bras look aesthetically pleasing, so unless you’re able to rock it without boob-support, you’re out of luck. Further, the sleeves will distract from most dresses and shirts should they be worn over the Off The Hook dress. But, if you want to wear a slip under something more loose-fitting and covering, it could work well!


Aside from the how greatly this dress fit me, what thrilled me the most about the piece is it’s comfort. The material moves with you and doesn’t leave much of an imprint on the skin. It’s breathable and not remotely itchy like a lot of lace-imitation materials tend to be. In fact, it’s really soft! I was most worried about the material irritating my nipples, butt here was absolutely no problem with that. The dress felt great against my skin which only added to the sensuality.


I really am pleased to say that the Off The Hook Lace Dress is a perfect fit for me. Girly and sensual, it definitely makes me feel like a femme fatale. If you are sizes XS – XL, it would likely be a good fit for you as well! I’m excited to see more from René Rofé, and would love to add another piece by them to my collection! (Wink wink, any future boyfriends who might be reading this…)

Note: This product is no longer available, but you can find similar designs at Adam & Eve!


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