Last month, I reviewed the Original Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi) – the “personal massager” by day, and sex toy by night. The all-powerful Hitachi was supposedly in a class of its own, with intense vibrations that seemed unmatched… until I met the Doxy. Like the Hitachi, this is not a vibrator for the faint of vagina. In fact, it may be better compared to a power tool than a sex toy. It’s larger than my forearm, and vibrates more than any other toy I own. It’s definitely the kind of vibrator meant for quickies and over-the-pant orgasms. If you think there’s no such thing as an “over-the-pant orgasm”, then clearly, you’ve never meant the Doxy or the Hitachi for that matter). Introducing perhaps the only massager to rival the “vibe to rule them all” – the Doxy… my new favorite toy under my bed (because it doesn’t fit in my drawer) – and for many ladies, may be the best vibrator out there.

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Name: The Doxy
Type: Personal Massagers, Clitoral Vibes, Vibrators
By: Lovehoney

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness5 Devils
Vibration: Beyond 5 Cars
Noise: 5 Bees

Material: PVC
Special Features: High Quality, Massive, A/C Power, Rumbly Vibrations (though somewhat less than the Hitachi), Multi-Speed, Multi-Function


The Deets

The Doxy is similar to the Hitachi – the type of vibrator that you plug in and press against your clit to deliver intense, rumbly, brow-sweating, knee-buckling, body-shaking orgasms at a moment’s notice. It’s the kind of vibrator you reach for when you’ve gone through all your strongest vibrators, and still want something more powerful. It’s the kind of vibe that they use in forced-orgasm porn, because you literally cannot escape its vibrations or mentally/physically prevent yourself from having an orgasm within a few minutes of it resting against your clit. It’s fucking insane.



The Doxy is a bit larger than the Hitachi – with a slightly longer head, body, and cord (by about a foot, so a bit easier if your outlet is out of the way). It is also slightly heavier.  It’s designed to be an external vibrator, unless you really like the idea of putting a vibrating tennis ball inside you. You plug it into the wall, turn it on, and it vibrates. Pretty fabulous for a personal massager – except for my one pet peeve.

The head is made of PVC, a material that I usually refuse to review. Typically, PVC  is softened with toxic phthalates and mineral oils. It is also a porous material that can degrade over time. I tend to steer clear of anything that’s not 100% body-safe, but because this PVC is medical-grade and for external use only, I made an exception. Since this PVC is phthalate-free, it is softened with mineral oil, which makes it’s head soft and plush (much more than the Hitachi or other massagers) but also means it can deteriorate over time, harbor bacteria, and cause problems later on down the line. I definitely would have preferred silicone or another body-safe material, especially for the high price tag of $135, though I do love the soft plush feel that that it’s much smoother than the Hitachi’s. Even so, aside from cleaning it thoroughly, the material means I’m going to be extra careful when I store it to make sure it doesn’t hold on to my under-the-bed germs, and unfortunately throw it out at the first sign of it leaking or “sweating” any kind of oil.



Those Vibes

The Doxy claims to be 30% more powerful than the Hitachi. I’m not really sure how you measure that, other than doing a blind-clit-test, which I was happy to give a try. I sat down blindfolded while my man put each one against my vulva/clit area (through panties, because I didn’t want the material to give away which was which). The two vibrators were clearly different, but I don’t think the Doxy was more powerful. It does seem to have more vibration speed, but not necessarily more vibration intensity. The Hitachi is rumbly and strong, while the Doxy is less rumbly, but faster. So, which is stronger? It really comes down to interpretation. If you think that speed = strength, then the Doxy is stronger. If you think that rumbly = strong, then it’s the Hitachi. It’s really a toss up… but I don’t think it can really accurately claim to be 30% more powerful. Both are monsters when it comes to strength. The differences are noticeable, yet so subtle that it doesn’t feel like one is “better” than the other.



Both are powerful, but I much prefer the controls of the Doxy over the Hitachi. Rather than having two speeds – high and HIGHER – the Doxy has a variation of 20 speeds, ranging from low to high. The lower speeds are deep and rumbly, which the higher speeds are faster and only slightly less rumbly. You can control them using easy “up” and “down” buttons to find the perfect speed. I low the variation, and gentle easing up from lighter to more intense with each click. Like the Hitachi, desensitization is a total myth. At it’s highest speed, it’s slightly less loud than the Hitachi – and at it’s lower speeds, it’s about as quiet as my other 4 or 5 bee vibes. It could definitely be heard through a door, but it doesn’t make you go deaf when using it. It’s not nearly as loud as one would expect!



Pros & Cons


  • Better than the Hitachi
  • Very strong, with more speeds and patterns
  • Easy to use
  • Never loses its charge


  •  Made of body unsafe materials
  • Pretty expensive

The Verdict

Honestly, I’m a bit conflicted about the Doxy. I hate that it is made with PVC, a porous material that has me cringing when I think about it harboring germs and potentially seeping oil later in its life. I also hate that it’s relatively expensive, at $135, and not using a higher quality material. But other than that, I really do prefer the Doxy over the Hitachi. The vibrations are much more pleasurable for me, especially because I can set it to lower settings before going all the way with it’s highest intensity. I think it’s a fabulous toy for a gal that craves power, but also wants some more variety than a simple two speeds. I can’t say it’s more powerful than the Hitachi, but it’s definitely more pleasurable for me. I haven’t tried all the personal massagers out there – but this is definitely one that will stay up there in my favorites for a long, long time! That is, unless it starts leaking… If you have the cash to spare and love some powerful vibrations, the Doxy is a wonderful choice!

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