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Get ready to be acquainted with the only, the only, Original Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi) aka: the one vibrator to rule them all, the holy grail and Cadillac of vibrators, and an untamed beast who’s unrelating vibrations refused to be silenced or subdued. The Hitachi Magic Wand scoffs at other vibrators, maintaining its position as the all-powerful, while other vibrators merely quiver in comparison. If my toy box was a cheesy teen movie, all my vibrators would stop talking and turn to stare as the Hitachi slow-motion buzzed into the room.

This is the vibrator for when you’ve already hit the highest speed on your favorite bullet, grabbed the next most powerful vibe in your drawer, finally reached for your imitation faux-tachi, and still have yet to be satisfied. The Hitachi vibrator is the vibe for when you’re already had a LOT of warm up and are ready to pull out the big guns for a finale with a standing ovation.

The Magic Wand now comes in an updated version that is rechargeable, has a silicone head, and several speeds and patterns! Read the rechargeable’s review here!

Name: The Original Magic Wand (formerly the Hitachi)
Type: Personal Massagers, Clitoral Vibes, Vibrators
By: Vibratex, Hitachi Wand

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness5 Devils
Vibration: Beyond 5 Cars
Noise: 5 Bees

Material: Plastic
Special Features: High Quality, Massive, Worth Every Penny, A/C Power, Rumbly Vibrations, Multi-Speed

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The Deets

The Hitachi Wand is, in a word, insane. It is a full foot long, nearly the length from the top of my palm to my elbow, with a vibrating head that is 2 inches tall, 2.5 inches across, and 7.5 inches around – about the size of a tennis ball. It’s not meant to fit inside you, but rather, to externally massage your sore muscles, shoulders, back, and… oh yeah, and if your vulva and clitoris happen to be sore, it’s really great at that, too. At nearly 2 pounds, the Hitachi is by far the heaviest vibrator I’ve come across. You also plug it into the wall, which means it’s not only incredibly powerful but also possibly considered an appliance. (Seriously, insane.) The cord is 6 feet long – which is perfect for me to hold on to bedside (or couchside… or deskside), but may be tricky if you’re far away from the wall or have a tall bed. It’s entirely made of plastic on the outside, aside from a small metal rim along the handle, which your hand doesn’t even have to touch to control the vibrations. The last of these benefits is the vibration and power… which, oh my GOD. How is this even legal?

Phenomenal Vibes

The controls on the Hitachi vibrator are simple. After all, this is a classic vibrator that’s been around for decades… the one our slutty ancestors swore by. A button on the handle controls the only two speeds – high and HIGHER. The lower speed is incredibly rumbly, and more powerful than every vibrator I own. The higher speed is still rumbly (though slightly less) and indescribable. Seriously, words fail me. Their website helps a bit… the lower speed has 5,000 vibrations per minute. The higher speed has 6,000 vibrations per minute. For comparison, the highest level on a washing machine is 1,600 rotations per minute. The vibrations are so powerful that the Hitachi actually needs a cool down period of 30 minutes after just 25 minutes of use. (Not that you’ll need to use it that long to orgasm… I christened it with its first orgasm within a minute… and then another… and another after that.)

These vibrations are INCREDIBLY pleasurable for me… but it’s not something I can just jump into without warm-up. I need to use about 5 other vibrators before using it… or use it over my underwear (hell, even my pants). But once I get going, this is the ONLY vibrator that can give me massive orgasms in rapid succession, with hardly any work on my part. It just doesn’t stop. My partner used it on me, and gave me so many unrelenting, tormented, and forceful orgasms that I cried… cried… from the shock of that much pleasure. That’s never, ever happened to me before. The Hitachi not only gives me the ability to orgasm at will – but the ability to orgasm AGAINST my will when we’re having a bit of BDSM play. The vibrations are truly incredible, unforgettable, and beyond all of my expectations.


I’m sorry but I couldn’t help myself. If there’s ever a time to pull out Marky Mark – it’s now.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a vibrator that makes your hand shake and go numb while you use it (unless you’re shaking from orgasm…). The vibration is most strongly felt in the head, and can barely be felt along the handle, even at the highest speed. Also, the Hitachi is loud, and definitely the loudest thing I own, but I was honestly expecting it to be a lot louder. It can definitely be heard through your door, and maybe even in the next room if your walls are thin, but it sounds more high pitched and electronic. It’s loud enough that you may need to turn up your porn to hear it, but you won’t be cringing and reaching for earplugs. It’s not the invasive sound I expected.

The Magic Wand now comes in an updated version that is rechargeable, has a silicone head, and several speeds and patterns! Read the review here.


Women have wondered many things about vibrators – and specifically the Hitachi. Questions like, will it make you go numb? Can it ruin your clitoris / orgasms / sex forever? Can it make you unable to orgasm other ways? Will it damage you forever?! The short answer is no. Vibrators cannot permanently damage or desensitize you permanently (unless it’s a really terrible faulty vibe that has some kind of explosion on you or something). But, just like any other sensation, your body and mind can get used to vibrations – so much so that you “re-train” your brain to get off with them. Just like Pavlov’s dog (drooling when a bell rings at the thought of food) – vibrators can act as a trigger for orgasm, and orgasming with other things may be difficult… especially after you’ve been holding the Hitachi to your clit for a few minutes. But this sensation is only temporary, and goes away after your vagina has some time to rest, or you snap yourself out of your masturbatory routine and try something new to get off. At the end of the day, if you’re orgasming – it’s a good thing, whether it’s from your fingers, your partner, or the vibrator of all vibrators.

Who Should Use It

For some most women, this vibrator will be way WAY too much. From the high-intensity level of the vibration alone, I would say that this vibrator is definitely not meant for beginners. I can imagine that as a virgin to sex toys, my vulva and clitoris would have had quite a shock if this was among the first toys to touch their sensitive little bits. If you’re a woman who’s iPhone is about the level of vibration you can handle, steer clear of the almighty Hitachi.

BUT, I think this vibe has wonderful potential for beginners – IF and only if they have tried other vibrators before, and continually find it difficult to orgasm. This classic vibration has been known to make women orgasm over and over again, at will, with hardly any effort at all. In fact, many women who have never had an orgasm before in their life – thank the Hitachi for giving them their very first orgasm, and continue to help them for years to come. For many women, orgasm is a struggle – and having the Cadillac of vibrators at your disposal can bring that mythical fantasyo a reality if you’ve been struggling to reach it. If you’re the kind of girl who’s become frustrated with your fingers, and even toys, the powerful vibrations of the Hitachi just may be enough to finally bring you over the edge.

Pros & Cons


  • The most powerful vibrator you’ll ever try
  • Batteries or charge will never die


  • Definitely too powerful for most people
  • Material is not 100% body safe
  • Only two settings
  • Beware of cheap fakes!

Get It

Before you go out and get the first Hitachi you see on sale, remember to BEWARE OF FAKES. Some sex toys are the real deal (even on Amazon), but the Hitachi is the most famous and sought after vibrator ever, so there is a lot of (poor) imitation. The Hitachi’s on Amazon are significantly cheaper – for the exact reason that they are cheaper – in quality, performance, speed, and power. The quality difference is noticeable; their vibrations feel cheap and weak. It’s definitely worth the extra $10 – $20 to get the real thing, and have the 1-year warranty in case it breaks. Of all the vibes I’ve ever tried, the Hitachi is one that is worth every single penny – and it’s definitely not worth wasting those pennies on something that is much lower quality.

The Magic Wand now comes in an updated version that is rechargeable, has a silicone head, and several speeds and patterns! Read the review here.

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