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Trojan Naturalamb Condom Review

If you have a latex allergy, lamb-skin condoms are a great alternative. Many people compromise safe sex for unprotected sex due to their unfamiliarity with lamb-skin condoms. The name alone is enough to turn anyone off. However, I decided to take the bull (or in this case, the lamb) by the horns and try one out myself. I’ve known lots of women with latex allergies. So I figured, if they could use a lambskin condom, why couldn’t I?

The Trojan Naturalamb condom is made of natural membrane, so it safe to use if you are allergic or sensitive to latex. Despite this condom being made of something other than latex, it felt similar to a regular Trojan condom. Overall, we were pretty pleased!

Name: Naturalamb Condom
By: Trojan

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars


Design & Feel

Upon opening the packaging, I could tell this condom wasn’t like a normal latex condom. The first thing I noticed was a very slight smell. Don’t let the smell turn you away from buying the Trojan Natrualamb condoms, though. It’s not enough of a smell to kill the mood.

Once we got past the slight odor, my partner put on the condom. It’s different than others in the sense that it comes with a string to tighten it at the end so it won’t fall off. The fit is looser than a normal condom. Normally condoms fit my guy pretty snug, but this one left a little room for his guy to breathe. Otherwise, the condom was a normal shape.

The Safety Factor

Although the condom protects against unwanted pregnancies, natural condoms do not protect against STIs. Due to the nature of the membrane used to make the condom, the pores don’t fully protect against transmitted diseases.


We were both satisfied with the Trojan Naturalamb condom, and despite the differences, it was still a great condom. I still prefer latex condoms over lambskin, but if you have a latex allergy or sensitivity, this is a great choice. Just be aware that it unfortunately does not protect against STIs! If you’re looking for something to protect against STI’s, check out other latex alternatives here.

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3 Comments to Trojan Naturalamb Condom Review

  1. JazminRose

    Great review, although I would NOT say that lambskin condoms are the “way to go” for those with latex sensitivities. As someone with a latex allergy, I would definitely recommend polyisoprene or polyurethane condoms instead because they DO offer protection against STIs. Another good alternative is a female condom which, depending on the brand, is typically made from nitrile or polyurethane.

    Naturalamb condoms are definitely still a valid option (particularly for those in committed relationships who feel they do not need STI protection), but I would never recommend them as a first option for someone looking for latex alternatives.


    • Slutty Girl Problems
      Site Administrator

      Thanks so much for your feedback! I think polyisoprene and polyurethane are often over looked, as they’re not as well-known as lambskin – but they are definitely the better alternative. I’ve updated the review to point to your (fabulous) latex-free condoms post for more alternatives — and to anyone reading, you can find it here!

      • JazminRose

        Awesome, sounds great! I didn’t mean to be critical, but I run into so many people in my day-to-day life who are uninformed or misinformed when it comes to latex free condoms. I just want to make sure everyone is getting the full protection they’re looking for!

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