Who doesn’t enjoy a little nipple play?! I know I do! It’s always something to look forward to during foreplay and includes a whole spectrum of types of touch. So, I was excited to give Sensuva’s Nip Zip Ice Cube Nip Balm in Mint Chocolate a try in the bedroom. Already a huge fan of this brand (I previously reviewed Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil) I had high expectations for the all-natural balm that promises a tasty, sensation-enhancing addition to nipple play.

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Basic Details

Nip Zip comes in a small chapstick tube that is super discreet. Just glancing at it, no one would think it was anything other than a lip balm. It is made of natural, body-safe ingredients. A unique blend of essential oils gives it its moisturizing and stimulating qualities, along with sweet flavor.

How It Feels

Upon opening my Nip Zip, I sensed a strong mint aroma with a hint of chocolate, which smelled delicious. While the mint was very noticeable, it was far from overwhelming. I let my FWB apply a moderate amount of the balm – which smoothly glides on – directly onto my nipples, and could feel a cooling buzz within just a couple minutes. With the added intensity, my nipples did harden, but only slightly. However, they were much more sensitive and responsive to touch than usual. Even the lightest breeze from my partner’s breath caused me to be more aroused. Anything beyond this further heightened and heated up the sensation, creating an erotic balance of hot and cold.  For me, the effect lasted slightly over half an hour, but this varies from person to person and can last anywhere from twenty minutes to over an hour.

This product is definitely meant to be pleasurable both partners. My guy enjoyed the sweet flavor of the balm, and mentioned it was like a tasty treat to foreplay.


With a pleasurable, long-lasting effect that made my nipples even more responsive to stimulation, the Nip Zip Balm is a great addition to my collection! Easy to use, tasty, and sure to enhance sensations, this all-natural, unisex balm is enjoyable for both partners. It also comes in Strawberry Mint.

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