Tingling, Warming Arousal in Gentle and Max

Before Wet’s arousal gel, I had only tried one arousal product before – a small tube of clitoral stimulator that I lovingly referred to as “Clit Crack”. But, if that gel is Clit Crack, then Wet’s wOw! Arousal Gels are the whole stash. It’s a paraben-free clitoral arousal gel that tingles, warms, and excites your most intimate areas for increased sensation and pleasure. Although I typically don’t like warming sensations, this arousal gel was perfectly pleasing for me. It wasn’t overpowering, yet was long-lasting, and just a small amount was enough to keep the pleasure going throughout my play. This arousal gel makes even the slightest, gentlest motions feel electrifying – and is definitely worth adding to your bedside drawer for when you need a little warm-up or want to add some WOW to the moment!


Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil instead.



Name: Wet wOw Gentle O and Wet wOw Max O
Type: Arousal Product
By: Wet

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Ingredients for Both: Glycerin, Deionized Water (Aqua), Dimethiconol, Sodium Polyacrylate, Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Trideceth-6, PEG/PPG- Dimethicone, Pentylene Glycol, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint), Methyl Nicotinate, Vanillyl Butyl Ether


How It Works

So, we know that clitoral arousal gels make your clit feel fabulous, but how do they do it? I asked the experts over at Wet, and they said that two chemicals in the gel (Vanilyl Butyl Ether (VBE) and Methyl Nicotinate plus Peppermint Extract) open up your blood vessels so that blood can flow more freely to the surface of your skin, wherever the gel is applied. This means that your clitoris and surrounding skin get engorged with blood, which happens anyway during your natural arousal process – except here, it’s intensified. This leads to a magnified sensation from touch. At the same time, the VBE creates a warming sensation and the Peppermint, a tingling sensation – to give it that electrifying effect I love.



The primary use of this arousal get is clitoral, but it can also be used internally or on your surrounding areas for a stronger sensation. You can also use it on any parts that you’d like a bit more stimulation, like your butt, nipples, or any other erogenous areas. It can be used on your male partner, but beware that his sensitive head may not be the best match with this product – especially if he is uncircumcised or particularly sensitive. Give it a try first on a small part of his skin before covering him entirely. While you could use a lot of it during sex, I personally prefer it as a subtle arousal product that I put on prior to sex and during foreplay, to warm me up before insertion. It is not designed at all to be used internally, and it’s recommending for external use only. I mistakenly used it internally, and it was very overpowering – to the point of slightly painful. A little goes a long way with this small tube, and I wouldn’t want to waste it by using a lot of it at once. Also, it arouses you during foreplay so that your natural mechanisms get you wet – but it’s not designed to replace your natural wetness like a lubricant.



What’s it like? Gentle O vs. Max O

Within 10 seconds of applying just a small, pea-sized amount of the Wet wOw Gentle O, I could start to feel my clitoris get more sensitive with even the gentlest motions. As the effect grew, I felt a tingling sensation without any touch at all, that got electrified in intensity with each and every touch. It was a pleasant sensation that felt almost cold and minty – how a vagina would feel after eating a peppermint patty. It wasn’t overpowering, but a gentle increase in sensitivity that brought a new sensation to touch, enhancing and magnifying normal sensation. If it’s not quite enough for you, you can easily apply more to keep the sensation tingling.

Both arousal gels are supposed to be warming, but only the Wet wOw Max O had a gentle warming sensation for me. Usually, I find warming sensations to be incredibly painful, but this warming sensation was gentle and grew slowly, mixing with the tingling to give me a divine excited sensation. With just a small pea-sized drop, the warming, tingling sensation traveled throughout my sensitive areas – my clitoris, where it was initially applied, then internally and around my labia and vulva. Personally, this pea-sized amount was perfect for me – both in solo sessions and with my partner. While the Gentle O could use a bit more, adding more to the Max O would have been overpowering for me. I can imagine that some women new to the sensation may be excited, overwhelmed, and a little confused their first time – but in my opinion, it’s well worth it for the pleasure!



Both gels are (predictably) gel-like and not slick, and perform better as a topical gel than as a lubricant. The Max O is slightly thinner and looser, but still more like a gel than a lube. Both arousal gels smell like peppermint, a lightly minty smell that isn’t overpowering or distracting at all. If you happen to be going down while using the gel, it tastes slightly sweet – but does give your tongue a bit of a tingly feeling. The Gentle O lasted about 15-20 minutes during play, while the Max O was slightly more intense and lasted a bit longer, around 25-30 minutes for me. If you’re consistently stimulating the area with the gel, it can be incredibly pleasurable. But if you put it on, then get up to walk around or just go about your day, you can kind of ignore the gentle tingle as if it’s not even there at all until it goes away. So, if you decide to end your quickie early, you won’t be shifting in your seat with an awkward “pants on fire” feeling, or arousal. My only problem was that both gels tended to clump up a bit into little gel-like balls. It didn’t feel sticky, tacky, or leave a residue – but the gel balls looked nasty, like I wasn’t cleaning myself properly, even though I had just stepped out of the shower. Warm your hookup ahead of time – it’s the gel, not you!




Wet wOw is completely paraben-free, yet still contains glycerin, which is the main ingredient. Personally, I have a terrible reaction to most lubricants – but Wet’s wOw gave me absolutely no trouble at all. If you typically have trouble with lubricants or glycerine in particular, you may want to do a spot test before using it. Personally, I used such a small amount (less than pea-sized) that it was no problem for me. You’re not using as much as you would with a lubricant, which may solve the issue.



I was also a bit concerned about the silicone in this gel. Although it is a water-based gel, it has a 10% silicone solution suspended in it. Personally, I had no issues with staining – though as I said, I only used a very small amount, which I doubt traveled as far as my sheets. Though, I was concerned about pairing it with silicone toys. When I wrote Wet, they said: “While we can’t completely guarantee that it won’t stain or won’t harm silicone toys, in the testing we’ve done, we’ve not had issues. I always recommend doing a small patch test at the base of your toy just to be sure it doesn’t turn white and/or gummy. When playing with Wet wOw, we recommend using a pea-sized amount and rubbing it into the skin so it shouldn’t really get much on your toy or the sheets.” So basically, just as I thought! No guarantees, but with the small amount, it should be fine – and always do a spot test before to be sure.


Pros & Cons


  • Warming, tingling sensation
  • Long lasting
  • Does not get sticky or leave residue


  • Only somewhat body-safe. Contains glycerin but not parabens.
  • May be too powerful for some
  • For external (clitoral) use only



Wet’s wOw! Arousal Gels are incredible, sensational, and best of all, pleasurable. They enhance each and every motion with electrifying stimulation – and give a gentle warming and tingling sensation that is absolutely divine, even for a girl that typically hates heat down there. I love that it’s paraben-free, latex-safe, and relatively non-staining and toy-harming. It’s long-lasting with just a small amount and makes foreplay, sex, and all things pleasure much more thrilling. I would highly recommend it to everyone as a bed-side staple and must-have for your naughty drawer!

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend Sensuva’s Natural Arousal Oil instead.


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