Shiri Zinn, creator of the absolutely gorgeous and luxurious Minx vibrator, has WOW’ed us again with her latest creation. The British designer, who’s toys have graced the nightstands of stars including Angelina Jolie, Baby Spice, Ivana Trump, Kate Moss, and Jenna Jameson, effortlessly combines chic luxury with classic retro vibes in her newest treat, the I-Scream. Housed in a delightful retro box, this 10-mode vibrator is deliciously designed to look exactly like an ice-cream cone, complete with the chocolate syrup on top! Crafted completely out of high-quality silicone, this single scoop is also waterproof and USB rechargeable. Could a gal get anything sweeter?

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Name: I-Scream
Type: Vibrators
By: Shiri Zinn

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibration: 4 Cars
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Multi Speed, Quiet

Designed in Luxury

Shiri Zinn is an expert in fashionable luxury toys, and a well-known name in the designer toy industry. So, it should come as no surprise that her latest beauty, the I-Scream, lives up to her lofty reputation. With 10 years of education in Fine Arts, Fashion Design, and Jewelry for Fashion – she is well known as the adult toy designer to the stars. Her unique product line, unparalleled by mainstream designers, exemplifies luxury with high-quality materials and gorgeous designs all draped with timeless class. Gorgeous vibrators, harnesses, and various types of toys are displayed across her site – many dressed in gold, Swarovski crystals, molten solid glass, and natural quartz crystal – showing her love for the finest things in life. The Minx in particular is a gorgeous example of her work – and surprisingly affordable even for the budget of a young 20-something, looking for a luxury vibe. It is beautifully crafted with a powerful motor, and stunning details that truly make you feel like a celebrity. Check out her entire line here.

Beautiful Chic Retro Feel

At first glance, the I-Scream looks more like a fun little toy than a naughty vibrator. Shiri designed the I-Scream to be completely discreet. Even it’s decorative yet functional box has a fun retro feel, and no indication that what lies inside is actually meant for your pleasure. It could easily double as an adorable art piece, should you decide to display it with a silver retro 1950’s style ice-cream stand, available at an extra cost. In fact, Shiri’s other works of erotic art have been displayed in the Museum of Sex in NYC, Barbican Art Gallery in London, LA Erotic Museum, and many more… so if you’d like to get an ice-cream cone stand for display, you wouldn’t be alone in your desires! If you prefer to keep your toys neatly tucked away, the I-Scream’s decorative box is perfectly suited for storage, yet if you want to get extra retro, you can press a button inside the box for some vintage jazz to play. The two combined features definitely make me feel like I’m sitting at an ice cream shop with a cute bar hop, ready to drive off in a Mustang! It’s perfectly designed to hold, store, and even display this tasty treat.

Fun Ice Cream Cone Design

This fun little treat is designed to look exactly like an ice-cream cone, and if you didn’t have a chance to reach out and touch the silky smooth silicone, you might just think it’s the real thing! The cone is the identical size of an ice cream cone, and makes the toy perfectly hand-held, with cute ridges along the entire cone that could double as texture if you prefer that type of sensation. Nestled above the cone is a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice-cream, gently melting down the cone, with chocolate syrup drizzled on top. Dessert first, anyone? The entire toy is made of high-quality silicone, which is body-safe, silky smooth, and easy to clean (especially since the entire toy is waterproof).

Rumbly Rechargeable Vibrations

The vibrations are powered by a single button on the side of the cone, which has a light to indicate when it’s on or charging. Simply hold the button for 5 seconds to de-activate the travel lock. Hold to turn the toy on or off, and press to cycle through the vibrations. The vibrations can be felt most strongly throughout the ice cream cone’s topping, and with lesser intensity through the middle of the cone. The ice-cream scoop is the most powerful, and fabulous for broad vibrations across your favorite erogenous zones. The tip of the cone is fabulous if you love very focused, pin-point vibrations. Throughout the toy, the vibrations are very strong, and vary from strong and rumbly to fast and buzzy, depending on the setting. You can definitely tell that this is a high quality motor!

A simple button on the code cycles through 10 patterns, which are:

  1. Low Steady Vibration (deep and rumbly)
  2. Medium Steady Vibration
  3. High Steady Vibration (fast and buzzy)
  4. Fast Pulses
  5. Five Fast Pulses Repeating
  6. High to Low to High Rollercoaster Vibration
  7. Deep Rumbling Slow Pulses that Gradually Get Faster & More Powerful
  8. Long Deep Pulses Which Increase in Intensity & Speed
  9. Several Short Pulses then One Long Pulse
  10. Fast Pulses then One Medium Pulse

The variety of vibration patterns is quite amazing, and would be perfect for anyone who loves to diversify their sensation (including beginners!). The toy is rechargeable via a USB port, so you’ll never have to worry about changing batteries.

Pros & Cons


  • Precious, chic retro design
  • Adorable box for storage
  • Silky smooth silicone material
  • Handheld
  • Powerful and diverse vibrations


  • None!


From it’s retro box and chic ice-cream cone design, to its powerful and diverse vibrations, the I-Scream absolutely stands out as a must-have luxury toy. The vibrator is well-sized, handheld, and designed with pleasure in mind – making it perfect for a beginner or the experienced gal who simply wants something stunningly sweet in her nightstand drawer. That said, the I-Scream, like all of Shiri Zinn’s creations, is truly a luxury toy and a work of art. You can feel that the materials are high-end, the motor is high-quality, and every detail has been thought of. If you want something irresistibly delicious, you have to try the I-Scream. This is one sweet I simply can’t get enough of!

Visit Shiri Zinn’s website to check out her creations.


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