Spooning is the perfect blend of passion and intimacy. It combines the body-to-body, side-by-side closeness of romantic sex positions, with the power and excitement of going at it from behind. Meanwhile, both of you are comfortable lying down, and neither person is totally “in power”. Rather, both of you are moving in tandem to give you the ultimate pleasure. Whether you’re into clitoral stimulation or g-spot penetration, Spooning will hit your favorite spots and allow both of your hands to roam all over your body. Meanwhile, your partner’s and your hands have direct access explore your hotspots, and you can even guide their hands if they’re not hitting it quite right. If you’re looking to try anal, this is the perfect position to get started with. With some easy entry, a lot of comfort, and plenty of closeness to keep going slow – anal sex is much easier.



Name: Spooning
Type: From Behind, Side by Side

Difficulty: Vanilla
Intensity: Mild
Speed: Slow to Steady

Perfect For: Clitoral Stimulation, G-Spot Stimulation, Anal Sex, Marathons, Beginners, Romance, Tantric


How to Do It

Lie on your side with your partner behind you, facing the same direction as your big Spoon. To fit them inside, you’ll need to find the right angle. One or both of you may need to lift your top leg to initially fit your partner inside. You may find it best to lean forward a bit, position yourself slightly higher than your partner on the bed, or push your butt toward them as they enter you. Whatever is most comfortable and pleasurable for you will likely be the key to the ultimate Spoon, rather than following a picture or description directly.



Make it Hotter

Often, the Spoon needs some adjusting before it’s pleasure perfect. You’ll be amazed at what a few small adjustments can do to get the simple Spoon much more exciting.

First, focus on your body position. For a little extra leverage, try propping yourself up on your elbow, resting your other hand in front of you on the bed, and bending at the hip to angle your body slightly away from your partner’s. Although this takes away some of your body-to-body closeness, it can make entry much easier… aligning your butt directly with their pelvis for the perfect fit.




Now, let’s move to your legs. There’s a lot you can do with a simple shift or two. First, bend your knee and rest your foot on the bed to create a triangle. This will not only open you up to accommodate your partner, but also give you some more leverage to match their thrusts. If you’re feeling a bit friskier, you can wrap your triangle leg behind their thighs to pick up the speed and intensity of your thrusts. If you’re feeling particularly naughty, put your leg onto the wall behind them (perfect if you’re in a dorm), giving you a wide open reception, and bringing the power of your thrusts to a new level. If you’re flexible (and feeling acrobatic), they can hold your extended leg up for you, with as much stretch as is comfortable. This is more of a party trick than for pleasure, but it might be fun for a minute or two while the hot image sinks into your partner’s memory.

Once you’ve got your legwork down and you’re more comfortable thrusting, you can work with the freedom of your hands. A quick and easy move to get the passion going is to simply reach back and grab your partner’s butt or hips. Grabbing the here will let them know you’re passionate and wanting more, guiding their thrusts into you with each motion. They also have easy access to your breasts and clitoris. With your hands free, you can guide their fingers to show them exactly where and how you want to be touched, giving you the pleasure and stimulation you crave.



When to Use It

The Spoon position is the perfect blend of comfort, intimacy, and passion… and incredibly easy for beginners. It’s wonderful for clitoral stimulation, g-spot pleasure, and anal sex… but even with all these hot qualities, it’s not for everyone. People with smaller penises may find it tough to stay inside you, and partners with larger members might not have enough room to move around, unless you move your legs into a triangle and are sure to spread to accommodate them. So, this position is usually best for average sized penises. Similarly, if you’ve got a big booty, you’re going to find it tough to stay in the Spoon. The Spoon is also not meant for quickies, as this slow-building to steady position can take a while to get going. Luckily, it’s very comfortable and romantic… the perfect choice for marathon sex.




Since the Spoon is so easy to get into, it’s especially fun for random sex when neither of you are expecting it. Usually, just being in the Spoon can be the start of an awkward bone. But, if you’re ready to go, you can rub up against him while you’re relaxing, watching a movie, falling asleep, or just waking up… getting you both gradually and erotically excited until you’re ready to go in for more.