I’m always down to try something new… whether it’s a hot new club, random hookup, or a unique sex toy. So, when I learned about the Sqweel 2, the original oral sex simulator that promised sheet-clenching, mind-blowing, revolutionary orgasms, I was instantly intrigued. With 10 silicone tongues set around a wheel, and several speed settings and patterns… it had the potential to feel like 10 partners at once (what a delight!) or, one partner with an incredibly fast tongue… quite the mystery.

So when Lovehoney offered to send me the Sqweel Go, their mini version of this oral sex simulator, I was beyond thrilled to accept the offer! The Sqweel Go, at first glance, may be even better than the original. It’s 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and travel-friendly… all of the components of a fabulous toy. It is a bit smaller, and perhaps not as powerful… but Lovehoney also had a pretty sweet video that had me sold… showing how the Sqweel Go could be used anywhere where you needed a tongue… including licking your envelopes. (Cheeky, right?) My review below!

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While I can’t comment on the Sqweel Go as an envelope licker, I can definitely report on its uses as a sex toy… but my feelings are mixed – somewhere between the pleasure and excitement of it’s novel tickling or flicking sensation… and my confusion and disappointment when it couldn’t bring me even close to orgasm. I absolutely love the revolutionary concept of this design, and the sensation was definitely unique and novel… and at times, pleasurable… but when it came to orgasm, the Sqweel Go just didn’t do it for this vagina.



Name: Sqweel Go
Type: Oral Sex Simulator, “Clitoral Vibes”
By: Lovehoney

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: None / Rotation
Noise: 3 Bees

Material: Silicone and Plastic
Special Features: Beginners, Waterproof, Multi Speed, Multi Function, Cute Design, Quiet, Rechargeable, USB, Travel Friendly


The Experience

Calling the Sqweel Go an “Oral Sex Simulator” is a bit misleading. In fact, it feels absolutely nothing like oral sex… or certainly unlike any tongue I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had oral sex that’s solely comprised of fast-paced licks all going in the same direction. It would have been better named “The Clit Flicker”, as it’s less like someone delicately massaging your clitoris, and more like a miniature clitoral assault. Honestly, the sensation was a bit unnerving at first. I’m used to a vibrating sensation, and this was more of a tickling (at its lowest) and tapping (at its highest). It is a pleasant tickle, but a tickle nonetheless… and as much as I tried to love this toy, my clitoris really didn’t like being tickled.



It took a bit of experimenting to find what was pleasurable for me. Without lube, the Sqweel Go was actually painful – which is not the case with most vibrators. The mini silicone tongues felt hard and had a lot of drag – like someone was literally flicking with my clitoris. With lube (and I mean a LOT of lube – to my clit, to the tongues, everywhere), it became more of a pleasurable tickle. But then, I still had to figure out the perfect placement, speed, and pressure.



When it came to placement – should I hold it with the tongues licking up? Or licking down? With the licks going down, my clitoral hood got in the way. I found that the licking up was more pleasurable, and made the button more accessible – although sometimes it could be a bit too much. If my clitoris was covered by my hood and labia, it felt like a tickle. If it was really exposed, the Sqweel ranged from feeling like a gentle tapping to a full on clitoral assault.

Once you find out where your clit likes it best, there’s the issue of speed. The first speed is slow – a bit too slow for my taste – but the second “medium” speed seems way too fast. The thirst “fast” speed is scary fast – and made me lose sensation and sensitivity entirely. And forget it if you have any pubic hair. Pubic hair + a high speed rotation is a recipe for disaster. I wish there was a speed between “slow” and “medium” that might be right for me. I found that the best setting for me was speed one with a gentle rocking motion, to give me more of the “massaging” sensation that I craved. The three patterns all included the scary fast speed I loathed, so they weren’t at all pleasurable for me.



Finally, pressure. Unfortunately for my ticklish clitoris, light pressure is key with the Sqweel Go. If you push a bit, you lose all the speed… and it can become downright painful. For someone who loves pressure on their clit, this was a total buzzkill for me. The slow down was especially noticeable on the slowest speed – which had the highest probability or bringing me to orgasm – to the point where the tongues could actually be completely stopped. Total buzzkill. While the rotation felt unique and interesting, it wasn’t enough to bring me to the edge without more pressure that didn’t bring along pain.

A little more variety would have been nice to truly get the Sqweel Go to feel like oral sex – or be more orgasmic in general. Maybe a ball that moved around in a circle, more like a massaging tongue? Or an up and down motion, rather than one direction? Maybe the tongues need to be a bit softer? I’m no expert, but my clitoris is on the verge of being one.



The Details

Upon first glance, the Sqweel Go is absolutely irresistible. I wanted to try it from the moment it came in the mail. With 10 tiny rotating tongues (made of soft, flexible, body-safe silicone), and three cute colors to choose from, the Sqweel Go is so adorable. It is super tiny and pocket-sized at just 3 inches high and one and a half across. It’s totally travel-friendly (although no easy travel case), 100% waterproof, and USB rechargeable. A few of my favorite things.

The speeds and patterns are:

  1. Slow Rotations
  2. Medium Rotations
  3. Fast Rotations
  4. 1 Short Pulse then 1 Long Pulse, all high-speed
  5. 5 Pulses, starting with slow and increasing to fast
  6. Gradual low to high rotations – then 2 short, fast pulses – then 1 long fast rotation that lasts for 7 seconds.

It turns on instantly with the first push of the button. To turn off, there’s a 3-second hold. Upon turning off, it resets to the slowest speed. With the UBS charger, you can charge it for 2 hours for up to 1 hour of play.



As mentioned before, the Sqweel Go needs a LOT of lube – on you, on the toy, and applied throughout play. I’m not sure where the lube goes, but it seems to be disappearing between the tongues, and constantly needs more application. This also makes cleaning a bitch. Although it’s 100% waterproof (thank god), it’s hard to get in all the nooks and crannies of the tongues and wheel – especially at the base of the wheel. I with it had a removable wheel like the original Sqweel, although I think I would prefer this smaller mini size after all.



Surprisingly, this tiny toy has a loud, high-pitched whine that can definitely be heard through a closed door, even with background noise (my TV). If you have roommates, they won’t think it’s a vibrator – but they’ll definitely be wondering why you have your electric toothbrush in your bedroom.

Finally, due to the nature of the design, I would be very concerned if you have pubic hair that is any longer than trimmed. It could be very dangerous or painful – as I can only imagine pubes getting caught and ripping out from the rotations.



Pros & Cons


  • Cute and innovative design
  • Rechargeable and waterproof
  • Travel friendly
  • Totally unique


  • Doesn’t feel like oral sex at all
  • Actually, doesn’t even feel pleasurable at all
  • Ranges from light and tickling to a full clitoral assault



All in all, I do enjoy this silly little toy. It’s definitely unique, and while it doesn’t bring me to orgasm, it does have a novel feeling that is unlike anything else. With enough lube, the right speed, and the right placement – it can have a very pleasurable tickling sensation… but it takes a while to find what works, and even then it’s hit or miss. It’s a tapping / flicking sensation that won’t bring me close to orgasm. At best, it feels like tickling – and gives me an excited, giddy feeling. At worst, it feels like an assault against my clitoris. I had high hopes for this toy, but it just wasn’t enough to bring me even close to orgasm. I wanted it to work so bad! But, it’s definitely a warm-up toy for me, and could use a few changes for the next version.

But, although this toy wasn’t right for me – but don’t let that discourage you. Plenty of reviewers have found this toy totally orgasmic… at least in its larger form. The jury is still on on the mini Sqweel Go version. If you’re looking for a truly unique toy that will make you giggle with delight at it’s sheer cuteness and tickling sensation – I’d totally recommend the Sqweel Go. If you’re looking for something that will give you powerful, guaranteed orgasms… look elsewhere.

Thank you, Lovehoney, for letting me review this unique toy!

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New! Sqweel Go USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

You can also try the The Sqweel 2, with a larger shape and silicone tongues, 3 speeds and 9 patterns (including reverse flickers), and a protective plastic case. The only downside is that it’s battery-powered and not waterproof, although it does have a removable wheel for easy cleaning.

Introducing the new Sqweel 2!

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