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If you’ve ever explored ways to spice things up in the bedroom, you’ve probably found that arousal gels can be the perfect option. So, it’s no wonder why I couldn’t wait to give System Jo’s Nipple Titillator a try.

This delicious, water-based lube tastes of strawberry with underlying mint. It is easy to use, and meant to make playtime even more pleasurable for both parties.

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils


The System Jo Nipple Titillator is paraben-free, but does have a lengthy list chemicals, so may not be the best for people with sensitive skin or those who’ve experienced negative reactions with other arousal products. Amongst these ingredients are peppermint extract, menthol, and vanillyl butyl ether, which create a unique blend designed to create the cooling and tingling sensation promised.

How To Use

One pump is about all you need for each nipple. Press down once on the pump to release a generous amount of gel onto fingertips (or directly to the arousal spot), then rub gently on nipples and give a few seconds to dry.


This thick gel smells and tastes absolutely divine, reminiscent of a strawberry candy with a hint of mint. It feels good going on, but does dry sticky. This isn’t too much of a big deal, since your partner will have a hard time pulling away from the delicious taste. After about a minute, a light cooling sensation can be felt, which for me barely increased to a nice tingle and increase in sensitivity. My nipples still needed some extra TLC to really experience the promised effects. Though, this arousal gel would likely work better for those with already sensitive nipples looking for an added boost.


Though Jo Nipple Titillator Arousal Gel didn’t make for the tingling sensation I was expecting, its tasty notes were a nice addition to foreplay. It may not have lived up to its promise of elevated arousal, but being easy to apply and sure to satisfy any sweet tooth did give it some high notes. While this thick gel didn’t work for me, it could be great for those with already sensitive nipples that prefer subtle feelings of cooling and tingling, rather than intense sensations.

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