When I learned about Tantus’s Suction Cup dildo attachment, I was ecstatic. Not because I dreamed of fucking my wall or floor… but because I loved the novelty of being able to fuck hands-free, and I had loved having the option before. Although I only had two dildos that would be compatible with the suction cup – the Tsunami (which admittedly was not my favorite) and the Flex (which I loved, but was not ready to DP hands-free) I was delighted to open up a new realm of possibility for future dildos to come. As long as the dildo has the proper sized hole in the center, like all of Tantus’s vibrators, you can explore hands-free fucking. I also absolutely love Tantus, so having the attachment from them seemed like pure perfection!

Yet, while I love the concept of Tantus’s Suction Cup, I found it a bit difficult to use, and was disappointed.

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Name: Suction Cup
Type: Accessory
By: Tantus

Hearts: 3 Hearts
Quality: 3 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Can fit several brands of toys – including Tantus vibrators, and any other toys with removable bullets.

Design Doesn’t Quite Work

The design of the suction cup is pretty simple. The bottom is a round suction cup, and the top is a textured attachment designed to fit into the hole of a dildo. Simply wiggle the suction cup into the base, stick onto a wall, push out the air, and you’re good to go… in theory. In reality, it was hard to fit the suction attachment into the dildo without lube. When I used lube, it became so slippery that the dildo fell off during fast fucking, especially when it was along a vertical surface like a wall, rather than the floor – and especially if I was fucking at an angle (which is pretty likely when you’re fucking hands-free). I’m not sure what could fix this issue, aside from an attachment that literally screws in, or secures itself with clasps, which would require a lot of re-design. The dildo was also very floppy, no matter how far you pushed the suction attachment in.

What a floppy Tsunami. 🙁

The suction cup itself didn’t work at all on textured surfaces – like my hardwood floor (with small grooves between the wood) or my slightly textured wall (which is basically painted over concrete, as you’d find in dorms). The only place it stayed put was on completely flat surfaces, like my desk, a single bathroom tile (but not between two tiles), and on completely flat walls (like painted plaster). All in all, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t nearly as easy or versatile as I had imagined. Most of the surfaces in my apartment just weren’t suitable. But, it would still be a wonderful addition to your toy drawer if you’re looking to thrust against your furniture – and especially if you’re a cam girl doing a show (because what’s hotter than rubbing yourself while fucking?).

Lopsided but sticking.

The suction cup itself seems a bit uneven, which may contribute to why it doesn’t hold well on walls. On the very bottom of the suction portion, one side of the round holder is about 5 times as thick as the opposite side. It almost seems as though the mold was uneven or tilted when they poured the silicone in, which made the base lop-sided. This could absolutely contribute to why it’s having trouble holding on – one side is significantly stronger than the other. It could also be because the suction rim is very thin across, which leaves more percentage of space to be affected by texture. Creating a larger base could easily solve the issue.

Thick side on left; Thin side on right

Pros & Cons


  • High quality silicone


  •  Doesn’t really work


I was disappointed that the suction attachment wasn’t easier to insert into my toys – that my dildos were floppy and fell off if I went too fast – and that the suction cup didn’t stick to a variety of semi-flat surfaces, where you would expect it to work. It seems like there’s a few design flaws that could be fixed in the next version to make it much more versatile – and that the mold or pouring may need to be fixed (an issue I’ve never experienced with other Tantus toys, as Tantus is typically top-notch). This super-cool accessory wasn’t super-functional, but it definitely has a place in the toy drawers of those who love the thrill of hands-free, and don’t mind the fuss – and especially cam girls or other adult entertainers, who could make some extra cash from the novelty of having some hands-free fun, whether it works perfectly or not. For the sex toy enthusiast who values fast thrusting and easy insertion, this suction cup could use a few revisions.

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