TENGA is back with a revolutionary sex toy that’s designed for that special guy in your life. The TENGA 3D Spiral is a male masturbator that’s intensely ribbed and has a tight fit with a twisting, winding, spiraling design that’s both ergonomic and pleasurable. TENGA is well-known for their array of pleasurable male sex toys, and the perfect company to turn to when you want something more diverse than just your hand – whether you’re playing solo or with a partner! Their 3D Spiral takes the innovation of male sex toys to a new level… with a ton of different sensations for the adventurous masturbator!

Note: This item is no longer in stock, we recommend the TENGA Flip Zero Luxury Male Masturbator instead!

First Impressions

The TENGA 3D Spiral is a gorgeous toy with an incredibly unique design. It comes proudly cased to be shown off – and the spiraling design is definitely one to be marveled. The toy is created from winding Hexagonal plates, which intertwine together to create a spiral form and detailed ribs throughout the toy. The shaft of the toy twists fully, making it incredibly comfortable and easy to hold in your hand. It’s also completely reversible – so you can experience this ultra-fine ridging across your most sensitive areas for extra sensation. Or, keep the toy as-is for an ergonomic, smooth experience with varying degrees of tightness throughout. It’s made from a super-soft antibacterial elastomer that feels fabulous against your skin, and is very stretchy to accommodate different sizes. It’s also very easy to clean – just reverse it and use soap and water on both sides. The stand doubles as a drying station for toy, too – or a case for easy storage!

Using the TENGA 3D Spiral

The first thing my partner noticed is that this toy is tight – not too tight as to be uncomfortable, but definitely tight enough to feel a lot of sensation! After applying quite a bit of lube and warming up, the toy started to stretch with ease to comfortably accommodate my partner’s size. The insertion length is 4.5 inches, and the diameter is .5 inches – but this toy is very responsive to use, giving it a tight sensation at first that stretches during play.

Smooth Sensations

We tried the smooth inner side first, with the ribs outside. The inner design is detailed to fit the penis – so there’s a little extra room at the tip to allow the head to get stimulation with extra comfort. This comfortable, smooth texture is designed to feel realistic, without a ton of extra stimulation. But, you can control the tightness by squeezing the sizes of the toy, and the spiral design with some places indented and others facing out adds to a tight-and-soft sensation throughout the toy. It has a nice variety, without overwhelming with sensation!

Extra Ribbed Sensation

If you or your partner enjoys a little extra sensation, you can easily flip the toy around to let those hexagonal ridges really play against your sensitive areas. Despite being intensely ribbed, this material is super-smooth, so with some lube it’s a totally comfortable feeling. My partner loved the extra sensation and variety, which has tons of ribs both fine and more heavily indented throughout – but ultimately, preferred the smooth side more! You can adjust easily during play – warming up with the smooth side, switching to extra ribbing to intensify sensation quickly, then ending with the smooth side again – so that the sensations aren’t “too much” upon finishing.


We loved using the TENGA 3D Spiral. It’s a really fun toy, offering two unique sensations, and some variation by being able to squeeze the toy for extra tightness when you want it. The design is really beautiful and expertly thought-out. We also love the extra high-end details, like the super soft silicone-like material, how easy it is to clean, and display case that triples as a drying rack and storage. My partner had a great time exploring new sensations, and the price point is just right that you can enjoy this toy without breaking the bank – and re-use it again and again. If you’re looking for the perfect male sex toy to gift your partner (or yourself) for the holidays, look no further than TENGA!

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