Ever wanted to deepthroat your partner, but been frustrated by pesky things like overactive gag reflexes and aching jaws? Well, as with most things, there’s a sex toy for that. Doc Johnson is a California-based sex toy manufacturer that focuses on creating affordable sex toys for everyone. They have a lot of variety in their products, and I was fortunate enough to try out the Good Head BJ Helper blowjob enhancer, a small, clear mini-sleeve meant to be used in conjunction with fellatio to mimic the experience of deep oral penetration. The company has also said that it would be a good masturbatory aid for those undergoing a testosterone-based transformation, as the small size of the sleeve would be ideal as a stroker for an enlarged clitoris. I’m afraid I can’t weigh in on that, but I tried it out with my male-bodied partner to see if it really delivered on being a blow job enhancer.

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blowjob enhancer


The Blow Job Enhancer Out of the Box

The first thing we noticed about the Good Head BJ Helper was the sweetish smell. It’s sort of like coconut, which is quite pleasant, but also makes me wonder what’s in there to make it smell like that. It’s manufactured from TPE, a body-safe but porous sex toy material that needs to be replaced from time to time due to the inability to sterilize it like you would silicone or other non-porous materials. Because of its function as a short-term use item, I wasn’t too worried about the unusual odor, but it’s a good idea to investigate any odd smells coming from your toys! Otherwise, it’s quite short, about two inches, so a good length for its purpose. It’s lined with rows of massage beads to add some texture and sensation for the wearer, and is very pleasantly soft and squishy.



The only thing we found a little concerning was the tightness of the sleeve. It is stretchy and flexible, but very, very small. So we just spread some water-based lube evenly inside the sleeve and tried it out.


blowjob enhancer


Using the Blow Job Enhancer

The Good Head BJ Helper mini-sleeve actually goes on pretty easily, and the tightness has the added effect of constricting penile blood flow a little to create the sensation of extra girth. If your partner is a little above average size, this might be slightly more difficult for you as the performer of oral sex – after all, the idea is to make it easier to fit into your mouth, not more difficult! However, it does just what it’s meant to otherwise, providing extra tightness for the receiver and allowing you to stroke along the penile shaft during oral sex. For the giver, it’s nice to have the option of just focusing on a much smaller area without worrying that you’re not doing enough to please your partner.



The bumps and ridges are meant to mimic bodily textures. However, as a receiver, you might not find the textured bumps to really do all that much. If the Good Head BJ Helper is near the base of the penis or just sliding along the shaft, the texture gets a little lost. My partner did say that he felt the constriction of blood flow provided by the sleeve, but otherwise was not entirely overwhelmed by sensation. Though Doc Johnson advertises this sex toy as a blowjob enhancer, it can also be used for solo play as a masturbation stroker.


blowjob enhancer


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to put on
  • Inexpensive
  • Adds sensation


  • Made from porous material
  • Not built for long term use
  • Could be too snug for larger penises


Try the Doc Johnson Blow Job Enhancer

I felt like the Doc Johnson Good Head BJ Helper would be a fun addition to fellatio for most people, but I do wish it was even more stretchy to be less constricting and accommodate penises with a touch more girth. However, it’s a wonderful, inexpensive toy for partnered play, and I bet it would be good to add a different sensation to solo use as well.


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