We recently shared some of the latest male sex toy innovations from TENGA with you – their super gorgeous and reversible 3D Spiral, and their simple and disposable Vacuum Cup. Both toys are a huge upgrade to the traditional male masturbator sleeves, with unique features specifically designed with your guy’s pleasure in mind. Yet, their TENGA Flip Zero might just be our favorite toy yet, with tons of texture for the guy who wants intense stimulation, plus a super strong vacuum sensation. With another perfectly detailed design, high-quality materials that give it a fabulous feel, and an easy to clean build, this toy is the perfect gift for the guy in your life that loves to explore unique experiences!

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First Impressions

The TENGA Flip 0 (Zero) comes beautifully packaged in a plastic display case that can double as a stand or storage case. Showing off it’s beautiful design, this toy looks sleek and smooth on the outside (despite it’s totally textured interior). You can immediately see that this is a fairly large toy. It’s 7 inches long and has a 3 inch diameter, but the unique incorporation of both soft, squishy TPE elastomer and rigid ABS plastic make this toy easy to hold, squeeze, and move during play. When you remove the toy from the container, two lubricant packets pop out – so, this toy is ready to play with in just a moment, even if you don’t have lube on hand for your first go! For future uses, definitely use a water-based lube like those included to get the most pleasure out of your session.

The Inside Experience

The highlight of this toy is, of course, how wonderful it is to use! The inside of the toy features an incredibly detailed, textured design. It has ridges and curves that resemble wheels and gears throughout the toy, with a bulbous round mass and an internal sleeve at the top just for the head of the penis. Each side is different, so you can turn the toy around to get different sensations throughout. You can also squeeze the sides of the toy for extra pressure and tightness. The top of the toy has a very small slit that allows just enough air to get through, for a suction sensation. The canal itself has a length of 6 inches, and a .5 inch diameter – so this toy is tight, but the softness of the material quickly opens up to accommodate most sizes.

Pleasurable Texture

The detail of this toy is really unique and incredible! My partner loved using this toy for all-over, over-the-top sensations. It was especially fabulous as a warm-up to other types of play, as it gave him unique sensations to start, without being “too much” as he was nearing orgasm. For guys that are a fan of suction and texture, this toy can’t be beat. TENGA’s design is also fabulous for guys who need a little more help getting started, as the tightness and increased sensation can give a lot of stimulation all at once, and you can even start using the toy while flacid by simply opening it up rather than inserting while its closed! If you’re already erect, you can choose to close the toy around you, or insert while closed. The pressurised effect created by the suction pulls focuses a lot of sensation on the glans, and can definitely be felt while in use. My partner noted that it’s a very intense sensation!

Easy to Use

The toy is easy to open, allowing you to apply lube throughout the length of the toy, or to clean the toy before and after play. It also allows the toy to completely dry between uses. You can simply clean this toy with soap and water, and allow it to dry before storing. It’s important to note, though, that the TPE material of this toy is porous, so cannot be completely sterilized (bacteria can get in the pores). So, if you start to notice anything getting funky on your toy after a while, make sure to get yourself a new one.



My partner adored the TENGA Flip Zero, and I loved seeing him so satisfied! Now, keep in mind, we’re both sex toy connosuires at this point, and have tried tons of male masturbators… so, if your guy is new to sleeve sensations or wants something simpler and less intense, we’d recommend the 3D Spiral, which has two different reversible sensation, or their disposable Vacuum Cup, which is great to try for a first timer. Otherwise, if you’re sensual explorers like us and want to try everything the wonderful world of sex toys has to offer – give this toy a try!

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