Like just about any other basic bitch, I enjoy a healthy dose of emoji. I’ve been known to spice up (or ruin) a sext by throwing in “dat eggplant” next to the seductive lips emoji. So of course, the second I found out that there was a vibrator shaped like the famous eggplant emoji, I knew Slutty Girl Problems had to review it – and I was more than excited to offer to add this beauty to my collection. Whether you’re a beginner looking for something simple and fun for a first toy or just obsessed with emoji like I am, the Emojibator is the toy for you.

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Name: The Eggplant Emojibator
Type: Vibrator
By: Emojibator

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 4 Stars
Naughtiness: 3 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee

Materials: Silicone
Special Features: Multi Speed, Multi Function, Quiet, Cute Design, Waterproof, Beginners

Adorable, Hysterical, Pleasurable Design

I don’t normally think of vibrators as conversation pieces, but this one definitely is. If you’re thinking of gifting a beginner friend with her (or his) first vibe, look no further. The Emojibator is so funny that if your friend winds up being a bit prudish, they’ll at least laugh their ass off. And hey – if eggplants are a turn-off for you or you’re looking to spice things up, so to speak, the company now makes a chili pepper vibe, too.

But the design goes beyond the cuteness. Made from medical-grade silicone, the Emojibator is completely body safe. Though tinier than any real life “eggplant” I’d like to engage sexually with, it’s sleek but pleasurable. While it definitely lacks that girth factor at 1.22 inches wide, I think the curve more than makes up for it. It might not be best for all anatomy at 4.8 inches, but it works for me, and I really feel comfortable and am able to get off with internal stimulation using this toy – but more on that later.

Waterproof Batteries

The only part of this toy that I don’t like? The batteries. It runs on watch batteries, which in the age of the Internet, aren’t too difficult to find (and they’re pretty common ones that are sold at just about any drug store I’ve gone to), but they’re a pain in the butt to get in and out of the toy. (Don’t assume that tiny batteries = tiny power, though.) Despite running on batteries, the Emojibator is completely waterproof. The website even claims you can submerge it in the bath! The stem, which you twist on and off to secure or change the batteries, is completely water tight.

Good Vibrations

I didn’t look into what actually was running this thing until after my second use, and I was shocked to realize that it was running on watch batteries (which came included). Based on the tiny, slim design, that makes sense. However, the vibes are stronger than I would expect with what I would assume is little power! This toy is by no means built for a power queen, but I’m still able to enjoy it. Vibes are low to mid-level, and while I like more for clitoral stimulation, it’s the perfect tease, and with the benefit of the curve gets me off internally. There are ten modes – a variety of steady vibrations and pulses – and the stem acts as a power button and switch to click between the different settings.

Pros & Cons


  • Great for beginners
  • More powerful than you’d think
  • Curve hits my G-spot
  • Hysterical and super cute
  • Underwater safe
  • Affordable & body-safe


  • Not for power queens
  • Watch batteries can be difficult


The Eggplant Emojibator might give off “For Novelty Use Only” vibes, but it’s made from high quality materials and is so much more than a bit of fun. It makes the perfect gift, whether that’s for yourself or someone else. In my opinion, it definitely lives up to the hype, at least for the price point. I enjoyed a few laughs and mild orgasms with this toy, and while those who crave power or size need to look elsewhere, I’ll be more than happy to use this toy again and again.

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