Pubic hair. Seriously, do we want it in or do we want it out? Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it. It really is a changeable relationship throughout our post-pubescent lives. It feels good to shave it all off porn star style; you feel extra naughty when he slips his hands inside your panties to feel your baby soft skin. But we all know this does not last for long, and soon those coarse little spikes will be poking through your silk underwear. Those nasty little red blotches will rub during your daily (or weekly!) jog. No one likes a sweat rash, and shaving just seems to intensify them. We’ve all been there and we’re all caught in that trap, not knowing whether it’s really worth the hassle. We could wax, but a) OUCH! and b) ex-pen-sive! We could just leave it. That really would be the sensible option and we all go through phases of wanting to be ‘au natural.’ In fact, sometimes that added friction really does create something special in the bedroom… You should try it! But at the end of the day, there will come a time again when we want to trim it, tweeze it, mow it, or rip it from that oh so sensitive region. Alas, people-with-pubic-hair-who-don’t- necessarily-want-pubic-hair, we must address the best ways to rid ourselves of it!


The process of shaving never seems overly appealing. You lather yourself up with your favorite body lotion to add that extra layer of lube, and then go to town with an as-sharp-as-possible razor. But is this really the best thing for our skin? The answer is, of course, a big fat no! There are so many nooks and crannies in the pubic region that we are inevitably going to pull the razor across our skin in the wrong direction, which is why we end up with those blotchy patches and why we never manage to get every part silky smooth. All of this alongside the unavoidable fact that we rain our showers and baths and goodness knows where else with teeny-tiny flecks of pubic hair that we literally cannot get rid of for weeks!

So, in those emergency situations when our Tinder date has announced their arrival in less than 30 minutes, which is not enough time to muster the courage to wax those hairs out, we must do the following things to save ourselves a few itchy and uncomfortable days the next week.

First, we must trim. Grab your nail scissors or any scissors for that matter, and trim your pubic hair to about the same length required to have it waxed. Most salons would recommend half a centimeter. Second, gently wash your skin with antibacterial soap, maybe even run an exfoliating flannel across it too to remove any in-growing hairs that you can whisk off the surface during the shaving process. Next, ready your razor. Make sure it’s clean and sharp. We want to be gliding over the skin here and not be introducing unnecessary badness to our lovely lady parts. Soap yourself up, and go to town with the soap at that. There’s nothing worse than introducing friction between your skin and the razor. Then, pull the skin tight and shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This usually means towards your belly-button on your front, and back towards your bum when you get between your legs. Finish off by running the skin under cold water to reduce any swelling or irritation, and then coat the area in an aloe vera moisturizer, being careful not to get this in the vagina as it can imbalance the pH.

In terms of aftercare, the last two steps can be repeated over the next few days when you shower to keep the area clean and smooth. When the hair starts to grow back, you can gently exfoliate to avoid those red bumps we spoke about earlier. It also helps to wear cotton underwear. Lace can sometimes irritate the surface of the skin.


Now the hardcore option! Two choices here:

  1. go to a salon and pay approximately £30/$42 or
  2. buy your own waxing kit for about the same price and DIY!

It is definitely recommended to go to the salon for your first couple of goes. This way you can get a better idea of what wax goes where (yes, there are different types of wax), which way to pull, the best positions to be in for pulling and what pulling your pubic hair out will actually feel like! Waxing, especially of this area, does hurt. BUT after five to ten visits to the waxing parlor on a regular basis (four to six weeks), it becomes less sensitive and you will notice that the hair comes back finer and finer, which means it’s easier to remove. Plus, using hard wax, which most salons do on this area, helps to reduce the pain. You can very easily be out of the salon within thirty minutes, depending on your style: bikini-line, high bikini-line (for both of these some hair is left on top, underneath and between the bum cheeks), Brazilian (a strip is left on top, all is removed from underneath and between your bum cheeks) or Hollywood (all is removed). In many American salons, Brazilian is used to mean total hair removal, and full means everything but the back. Ask at the salon if you’re unsure what the different styles mean.

Doing it yourself requires a little more patience. Turn your wax pot on, and do try and use hard wax even though it is slightly more fiddly. It’s better for your skin. Place a towel on the floor and a mirror in front of it, so you can see between your legs without having to peer over your tummy. Place your feet together in front of you, and let your knees fall out so that your legs form a diamond shape. It is important to clean the skin with antibacterial lotion that is usually sold with the wax pot, and then dry your skin out with talcum powder. Again, the hair must be removed against the direction of the hair growth. This means applying the wax with the direction of growth. Start with patches about as big as your thumb, and make these bigger as your confidence grows. Make sure to pull your skin taught, take three deep breaths in and exhale as you pull the wax (and hair!) away from your skin. DIY waxing may require you getting into some quite inventive positions, perhaps take a few yoga classes before hand. However, in the long-term it is a cheaper option and keeps your bum bare for longer than shaving does. Plus, you avoid that sensitive and blotchy skin afterwards.

Hair removal can be a hassle, but these options hopefully provide an insight into the best ways to keep your skin healthy, while also showing you how can achieve that porn star look on a budget. So long as you’re willing to put in some practice and work out what is best for you, hair removal can be simple! Remember, we are all in this together and every bum is beautiful!