I’ve seen and experienced a lot of BDSM toys; so many that I have an entire drawer dedicated to them, and a hook in my closet to hold several paddles, whips, and floggers. In fact, if I had an extra bedroom in my tiny apartment, I would immediately black out the windows, buy a spanking bench, and turn it into my own private dungeon. But, despite my experience with BDSM play, I’ve never quite seen anything like this. The Pocket Dungeon: a travel-sized leather case that holds over 20 common BDSM toys, including handcuffs, impact toys, and a blindfold.

I can think of quite a few ways that the Pocket Dungeon would come in handy. If you’re a beginner who’s just starting to experience new sensations, the Pocket Dungeon has a great variety of different implements to try out, all in one. If you’re a traveling Dominatrix that has to take a subway, rather than a cab (in which case, raise your hourly rate), you might give the Pocket Dungeon a try to transport your tools with you on a moment’s notice. If you’re somewhere in between, interested in BDSM play, but travel a lot, you may find the Pocket Dungeon preferable to having your luggage weighed down with kink essentials like cuffs, rope, canes, and floggers. It’s very easy to bring with you in the car, or through a crowded public space or hotel lobby, without any suspicion of what you’re carrying at all. Their tag line “anywhere you dare” exemplifies how you could pack this in your bag and start the fun no matter where you go!

All in all, I think the concept of the Pocket Dungeon is wonderful. I would love to have a pocket-sized dungeon I could take with me anywhere. But, it has a pretty high price tag of $195, so I had much higher expectations. The quality of the toys just doesn’t seem to fit the price.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the Bondage Boutique Kit instead.

Name: The Pocket Dungeon
Type: BDSM Toys
By: Pocket Dungeon

Hearts: 2 Hearts
Quality: 1 Star
Naughtiness5 Devils

The Toys

The Pocket Dungeon is stored in a leather kit that zippers shut and can be padlocked together. It is very discreet and private, with no identifiable labels. Inside holds over 20 toys that can be used in a variety of combinations. The picture below shows the full contents of the kit. From top left to bottom right, the toys shown below are as follows:

2 Round Carabineers, 2 Lengths of Rope, Leather Riding Crop Tip, Kubaton (hitter / puncher) with hidden Knife inside, 2 Buttons, 5 Finger Claws, Bandana, Blindfold, 2 Nipple Clamps, 2 Flashlights, 2 Padlocks & Keys, 4 Handcuffs (2 types), Metal Cane, Bullwhip, Leather Flogger, Ball Chain Flogger.

Each of the items has their preferred uses, and some can be used in a few different ways. I found that some toys were great, while others were pretty bland and plain. Some were even difficult to use. And a few, I felt I had no use for at all.

The Blindfold & Gag

The blindfold is by far my favorite accessory in the pocket dungeon. In fact, it’s one of the highest quality blindfolds I’ve seen. It has a leather front which totally blocks out light, and a padded back that gently lays on your face. The eye pieces are cut out so that there’s no uncomfortable pressure on your eyes, and you can open your eyes while wearing it. The spandex-y strap has velcro along the back so it can comfortably fit nearly any head size. You can buy the the blindfold separately for $20. The handkerchief is included to act as a gag, though it’s just a standard handkerchief and could have been bought anywhere.

Handcuffs & Rope

The four handcuffs are leather straps which are surprisingly high quality, but a bit hard to figure out. The standard cuff with a leather round on one end, and a metal round on the other, can be secured with the carabineers or padlocks. They work just fine. The cotter cuffs have several holes on each end and can be fastened with buttons that are included. Unfortunately, I found that they tend to fall apart when you pull on them, which defeats the purpose of them being secure. I wish the button had an added fasten that could go through them and secure them in place. Technically, you could use the carabineers or padlocks, but if you’re using them for other reasons, like for ankle cuffs, door jams, or securing yourself to furniture, you’re stuck with the buttons alone. You can technically turn the handcuffs into door cuffs using the flashlights as door jams, but I’m not MacGyver. All in all, the handcuffs are decent, but could be tweaked to be more secure.

The two lengths of rope feel more like shoelaces, and could be a lot stronger and higher quality. It scratches and chafes my skin, but it can be used along with the handcuffs to tie them to each other or furniture.

Nipple Clamps

The nipple clamps are standard tweezer-style adjustable clamps. They are supposed to be adjustable, but the round metal piece at the bottom doesn’t flow up and down the clamp very smoothly. You actually have to push the clamp shut to try to move the metal secure up, which again defeats the purpose. Even then, it’s difficult to move. The flashlights and padlocks can be used as nipple weights if desired.

Claws, Kubaton, and Knife

My favorite toy in the Pocket Dungeon is the claws. They fit over your partner’s fingers and can be traced along your skin for a unique sensation. Your partner’s fingers can stay touching your skin through the metal for extra sensual sensation. They’re not sharp at all, just cold metal that makes you tickle and feel teased in all your most sensitive spots. I do wish they were just a bit sharper to give them a little bit of edge and excitement. You can get the Claws separately for $13.

The kubaton is a black metal implement that is designed to give you a harder thud than a punch. It can also be used to press on your pressure points. Personally, this is really painful for me, and a sensation I don’t enjoy. But, it’s a big kink for some! I haven’t tried any other kubatons, so I don’t know how this implement compares. Hidden inside the kubaton is a knife. It is pointy and sharp, but not too sharp. Slightly less sharp than a razor blade of kitchen knife – with a blade on both sides. Again, this is not my kink, so I haven’t used it. But, I imagine it could be better if only one side was sharp, so that the other side could tease you with the exhilarating sensation (though that’s just personal preference). Be aware that airlines will not allow the knife in your carry on bag, so check it in your luggage. (Or, if you’re like me, fuck knives – ditch it!)

Cane, Riding Crop, Leather Flogger, Ball Chain Flogger, Bull Whip

The impact toys in the Pocket Dungeon are… interesting. The metal cane is incredibly strong and could do some serious damage, even for someone very experienced. I’m surprised that such a heavy metal cane would be included as the preferred base for other impact-type tips. One wrong move or slip of the hand could cause some serious pain and damage with such a heavy duty toy, and it doesn’t allow for really any give or mistakes when using the tips (especially the riding crop). The riding crop has a hold hollowed out and can be slipped on, but the harshness of the metal cane makes it not feel like the sting of a riding crop at all. It feels like the thud of a cane covered with leather. The other three tips push on with a rubber holder piece. The lightness of the leather flogger makes it have more of a dispersed sting than a thud. So, it doesn’t really feel quite like a leather flogger should. The bull whip has a nice gentle sting, but is a little weak. After all, you’re getting whipped with literally string, rather than a traditional whip tail. The ball chain flogger is the most unique sensation, though still very biting and stinging rather than a thud. All of the tips can easily fly off if they’re not secured properly, or if you’re being a bit rough with it.

Technical Difficulties

The Pocket Dungeon requires a bit of experience and ingenuity to master. You kind of have to know what hooks into where, and how to use each item properly. For example, if you didn’t read the interactions on how to turn the leather straps into cuffs using the buttons, and then learn how to secure them into door jams using the O-rings and flashlights, you’d just be sitting there with leather straps, buttons, rings, and lights and have no clue what to do with them. Even as a girl pretty into BDSM, it was kind of hard to figure out what to do with everything, and then a pain to execute it properly and feel secure. I had a lot of trouble with the handcuffs, and anything harder than a gentle smack sent the whip attachments flying and the cane expanding. All in all, it seemed like a lot of hassle for little reward.

Good Instructions

The manual is actually really great. It starts out with some general knowledge about BDSM, including trust, safety, intimacy, communication, and confidence. Then, the manual goes through each item with instructions on what it is and how to use it technically. It also gives you some ideas on how to enhance your play scene – such as setting the mood, playing the role, and transitioning through certain phrases and toy combinations. This in-depth info would be perfect for a beginner, though you could honestly find all this information online on their website and elsewhere without buying the kit.

Pros & Cons


  • Travel-sized
  • Nice blindfold


  • Surprisingly low quality
  • Pieces don’t work and fit together as described
  • Everything is small
  • Some pieces are unnecessary
  • Hard to figure out and use
  • Really high price


The Pocket Dungeon has it’s uses, but not in the ways I imagined. For a beginner, I would actually recommend against the Pocket Dungeon. It’s confusing to figure out how to use some of the implements (the handcuffs fall apart every time I use them), and honestly, a beginner might end up hurting themselves. Things like heavy metal canes, kubatons, and knives are best left for the experts. Also, beginners usually want to experiment with new sensations. Unfortunately, the whip, floggers, and riding crop are so tiny that they have hardly any sensation at all. I would definitely recommend spending the money on higher quality impact toys. The only things a beginner may find useful would be the blindfold (which is pretty fabulous), nipple clamps (standard), claws (pretty cool), and the rope (decent). Maybe you’d be interested in the handkerchief, padlocks, and flashlights, but I don’t know why. Honestly, you can get a selection of toys that are a lot higher quality for the same price.

If you’re a Professional Domme / Master who’s traveling to a job – forget it. Your clients are paying you for a luxury experience. Bring your professional-grade gear, and pack an extra suitcase if you have to.

If you’re a Lifestyle Domme / Master that likes to play regularly, and also travels regularly, and you want to have some fun while you’re away, this might be a kit for you. Reviews on Pocket Dungeon’s site suggest that people are using it when they’re traveling and want something quick to bring with them. It is great to have some smaller alternatives to take with you when you travel, but I don’t think that the convenience is worth the high price price tag. The impact toys aren’t particularly good quality, nor are the rope and handcuffs. The flashlights, pad locks, handkerchief, nipple clamps, and knife are all pretty standard and could be bought anywhere. The only stand out items are the claws, cane, and blindfold, which I’d rather just buy separately. All in all, this kit isn’t really something I’d recommend. I’d rather spend the same amount of money on higher quality toys. Though if you have the cash to spare and are really looking for something compact and travel friendly, I suppose this is an option. I would really love this kit if it had a lower price, or if some of the items were tweaked.

Note: This product is no longer available! We recommend the Bondage Boutique Kit instead.


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