Tantra is one of those subjects that everyone thinks they’ve heard about but no one seems to know enough about. There’s a certain mystic undertone to it, yet it also borders on something potentially explicit in nature. The truth is, tantra is a collection of tools that many people have used for years to experience intense pleasure and the rest of us have been missing out …badly!

One of the tools in the tantra skillset is the more commonly known practice of tantric massage. I’m not talking about a happy ending rub ‘n’ tug massage that many uneducated masseuses pass off as tantric massage. I’m talking about the real deal which is actually one of the most stimulating erotic practices you can engage in. Tantric massage is the secret to boosting orgasms and can completely transform your intimate lovemaking.

With tantric massage and its techniques becoming more and more popular, one particular method used by tantric masters, known as edging, has seriously changed my bedroom skillset. Once I learned how to utilize it properly, I unlocked a secret superpower that has saved my dwindling sex life, left my partner quivering with excitement and my bed sheets stained with the evidence.

Queen of sex arrived. Sex life restored. Let me show you how and why…

Remember the Magic of Touch

As we get older, our sensation of touch is more and more numbed and highly underestimated. Do you remember how magical it felt to be touched while you were maturing sexually? How did it feel when someone you really fancied touched you for the first time? It’s an almost electric feeling that overwhelms your senses and instantly moistens your panties.

For those of you that are thinking those days are long gone, have no fear, all is not lost. You can rekindle these amazing sensations if you take the time to slow down and focus on touch. You can do this by relaxing yourself and your partner into an almost meditative state and learning how to experience touch again. So, dim the lights, turn off the phones, and lock the front door. It’s time to turn on the pleasure and piss off your neighbors with screaming orgasms.

Lay close to each other, close your eyes and concentrate on only the sensations you feel on your fingertips whilst you caress your partner. Start with very light, slow, and gentle touches, letting your hands and fingers explore every delightful area of his body. Be mindful not to engage in his intimate area yet.. that fun is still to come. Slow, meaningful and focussed touch is the first step to learning the art of edging.

Now that you are more versed in sensual touch, you are ready for the next step: lingam massage. Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and lingam massage relates to a practice of “honoring a man’s wand of light”. And, boy, have I done some “honoring” in my time! To get started, ask your partner to lie on his back with legs spread apart and knees bent. Taking deep breaths will ensure he’s completely relaxed. Massage the torso and legs, moving towards his inner thighs.

When it’s time, begin to massage the penis area with very deliberate and focussed touches. Your preferred oil should give you the lubrication you need to glide effortlessly around the groin. As you massage, remember to breathe and incorporate the ‘magic touch’ concentration you practiced. Taking deep breaths together will increase the connection between you.

Edging Towards Edging

As you touch him, vary your massage speed from slow to fast, trying to incorporate different parts of the penis to bring pleasure. The section around the head of the penis is where most of the nerve endings are, therefore can be the most sensitive so take special care to notice when he’s enjoying the touch and moving away when it’s too much.

Be mindful to notice when he reaches the brink of orgasm then bring him right back again. Be very careful not to take him over the edge to climax, so use specific pauses to let the heat die down before you get back into your lingam massage. Bringing him so close to climax and toying with the boundaries of orgasm is exactly what you are looking to achieve. Now you are edging!

Climax by Numbers

Sometimes it can be very difficult to know how close your partner is to orgasm just by your own intuition. We have all been in situations where an unwelcome early cum has put a stop to a potentially amazing sexual experience.  To manage this, you can use an easy technique involving numbers to create waves of pleasure that last for as long as possible, building up the enjoyment ready for the ultimate climax.

Imagine a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being an orgasm. Ask your partner to communicate where he is on the scale as you touch him. I usually say to only let me know when it’s past a 6, 7, or higher. The more you practice doing this, the better you will get at it. There’s a wonderful pleasure in having the power to manage his pleasure, it’s a little bit dominant and I love it.

It is, of course, up to you and your partner how long you would like to prolong his climax. The last time I tried the edging technique, it lasted well over an hour.  A word of warning though… when you finally bring him over the edge you had better be careful, as edging has caused some of the most powerful sprays of cum I have ever encountered!

Become a Goddess of Tantric Touch

The sense of touch is highly underestimated. Learning to caress the body with gentle focused strokes enhances erotic stimulation for your partner and increases awareness for you. When the body is fully relaxed, you can stimulate intimate areas in a very different, more amplified way and unleash pure sexual energy. Mastering this will also help you to become a goddess of sexual touch and make men go nuts.

For those of you looking for a technique to mend sexual issues, edging can also help to release frustration within your relationship and sex life. Many of us become irritated with our love lives for a number of reasons. Whether it’s a lack of confidence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or not having enough time to create intimacy, the tantric practice of edging can unblock your sex life, allowing you to enjoy the incredible gratification that it achieves.

Premature ejaculation is a problem and fear that causes much anxiety for men and is responsible for many failed sexual encounters. If he is having difficulties with cumming too fast, edging will help him to physically and mentally manage the threshold of his orgasm. Using the orgasm by numbers technique described above will be the key to mending this problem. Look at it like orgasm practice for dummies and utilize the magic of tantra to resolve his issues.

Unleash Insane Orgasms

Edging is a healthy sexual activity that can create truly astonishing orgasms due to the waves of pleasure and riding the brink of climax boundaries. I remember the first time I witnessed an edging climax, I was shocked. Not only at the amount of pleasure he seemed to be experiencing, but also at the physical ejaculation that erupted from his body. Edging orgasms are now termed ‘ceiling sprays’ in my world and I am mindful to manage the fallout.

Even though the focus of this article has been on your partner receiving the benefits of edging, make no mistake that it will also have huge positive effects on you as well. Being able to use your magic touch to release incredible orgasms in your partner is a skill that is super satisfying. After all, who wouldn’t want to be capable of making men feel like no other woman has made them feel before? If you are a single girl playing the field and showing off your new edging superpower, be prepared to have to let a lot of very excited male partners down when they want to keep you!

Or maybe you’d rather turn the tables and teach your partner your newfound skills and help them to perform the same magic on you. Edging techniques on women also open up the incredible possibility of edging through multiple orgasms. And when a partner isn’t skilled in edging? My trusty vibrating rabbit steps in, leaving me literally shaking with erotic delight many, many times. 

Using the tantric tools described above will create an intimate experience with the opportunity to connect with your partner on a deeper level. Slowing down during the session to realize the true sensation of touch and pleasure will help to open communication pathways with your partner and a much more meaningful connection. It’s almost like you can finally speak the same language sexually.