Giving a sensual and erotic massage may sound like a lot of work that only the receiver will enjoy and get pleasure from. But by using the right techniques, the giver of the massage can benefit from it just as much as the receiver. If you’ve never given a sensual and erotic massage, you’re truly missing out on the pleasure that it gives to both partners, even though you’re the one doing all of the “work.” While giving your partner a massage you’ll get extremely turned on, while straddling their backside you’ll find yourself thrusting your pelvis against them – and you’ll get yourself just as relaxed as the receiver of the massage is.

Set the Mood

Set the mood of the room by dimming the lights. If you only have a lamp in your room consider setting the lamp on the floor next to the bed. This will make most of the light go towards the floor with just some of the light coming up. You should also consider lighting some candles in the room to get the lighting just right. Make sure the temperature in the room is perfect; too cold and you’ll both be shivering through the whole experience, but too hot and you’ll both be sweating. Making the temperature just warm enough where you don’t need blankets is the perfect temperature, since both of you will have little to no clothing on. Finish setting the mood of the room by having a playlist on your phone of any sensual or relaxing music that you desire; nature sounds, soft classical music, or something else you like.

Dress Sexy

Dressing sexy for your sensual massage also helps set the mood. It will get you in the mood for the erotic evening and your partner seeing you dressed sexy will help get them going, too. You feel sexier when you look sexy, so dress it up with your favorite nightwear to get yourself in the moment and ready for your erotic massage. Weather you chose to wear a short silk black dress, lace bra and panties, or you decide to wear nothing, you’re sure to be in for an evening of pleasure while giving your partner a sensual and erotic massage.

Use Warm Massage Oil

Massage oils are helpful during a massage as they make it easier for your hands to glide over your partner’s body. There’s nothing worse than being naked and someone putting cold lotion or massage oil on your back because they didn’t even have the courtesy to warm it up in their hands first. Prevent cold shock from happening by using warming massage oil while giving a massage. You can drip this straight onto their back without the fear of it startling them, and when you move your hands on it, it will warm up wherever you decide to touch them. They’re sure to love feeling your warm hands gliding all over their body with ease as you use the massage oil.

Use Vibrators

If you have vibrators, they can easily be used during a massage to take your massage game from good to unbelievable. The best vibrators to use during a massage are bullet vibrators because they are small enough to fit one in each hand. (We-Vibe Tango is our favorite bullet. Get it here!) When rubbing your partners back or other body parts, place a bullet vibrator in each hand between your hands and your partner’s body. They will love the erotic and pulsing sensations this provides and you’ll love watching them squirm under your hands and moan at your touch.

As you can see, even though you’re the one giving the erotic massage, you are both in the moment together, getting more and more turned on just by the power of touch. Even though your partner is the one receiving the massage, you’re getting a gift of your own too. Giving a massage isn’t much work at all and on another night, trade spots with your partner and see what it’s like as the receiver; let your partner sees that it’s just as erotic to be giving the massage. Dim the lights, put on your sexiest lingerie, break out the warming massage oil, and enjoy your evening giving your partner a massage. After your massage, enjoy the sensual and erotic love making that follows.


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