Sex toys are defined as an object or device used for sexual stimulation or to enhance sexual pleasure. Based on the definition, I’m not sure why sex toys get their bad rep with some people. The definition translates to read, “Sex toys help you have better sexual pleasure than you’re currently having.” Despite this awesome definition, some people get set in their ways and refuse to think twice about using sex toys. Some are skeptical about using sex toys in their relationships. While there are many benefits for using sex toys, there are five that truly stand out among the others. If you aren’t currently using sex toys, you’ll definitely want to after reading these benefits. If you are already using sex toys, then you know what all the fuss is about. Be sure to keep reading so you can discover the benefits you’re already adding to your sex life.

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1. Greater Sexual Performance

Using sex toys with a partner can take your sex game from great to phenomenal. If you’re already great at giving oral sex, add a vibrator into the mix to up your game. Try placing vibrating anal beads in so when your partner is inside of you, they’ll feel the extra vibrating sensations too. Chances are, one or both of you have a fantasy, to be tied up in some way during sex. Invest in some handcuffs or other supplies to help satisfy this fantasy. While your sex life is already great, sex toys add extra sensations and increase your sexual performance under the sheets. Before long, you’ll have a collection of toys you’re proud to call yours.

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2. Faster Orgasm

For many, it can be very frustrating if your partner finishes before you’ve reached your climax. If you or your partner take a bit longer than the other to reach climax, it can end up putting a strain on your relationship. Using toys during foreplay and sex can help achieve orgasm quicker and can help one partner “catch up” with the other. Sex toys help you reach orgasm faster because you’re adding extra sensations to your most intimate areas. If you have trouble reaching orgasm without clitoral stimulation, try adding a vibrating cock ring to your partner. The extra sensations on your clitoris could be just the amount of play you need to reach your orgasm faster. Your partner won’t complain about the extra sensations either.

3. Learn Sexual Awareness

Learn sexual awareness by using sex toys alone. Using sex toys alone will help you find your erogenous zones. Erogenous zones are parts of your body that have heightened sensitivity, the most obvious being your clitoris. By using sex toys solo, you’ll learn which erogenous zones on your body have a higher sensitivity than others. Don’t try to web search where your erogenous zones are. Everyone has different erogenous zones and some that have a lower sensitivity for others could have a stronger sensitivity for you. Besides, it’ll be more fun to climb under your sheets with your trusty vibe in hand. Let the vibe roam your body to find your erogenous zones by yourself. Don’t be surprised if you lose track of time though.

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4. Enhanced Sexual Enjoyment

You already enjoy sex but sex toys help you break past the barrier between good sex and speechless sex. Whether you’re using sex toys alone or with a partner, you’re sure to benefit from enhanced sexual enjoyment. When using sex toys on your partner, you’ll also enjoy more sexual enjoyment for yourself. It turns you on when you see how bad your partner wants you, so don’t think you only have to use toys on yourself to experience enhanced sexual enjoyment.

One way to use sex toys for enhanced sexual enjoyment is while you’re going down on your partner, place an egg vibrator or other remote control vibrator inside you and allow your partner to control the remote. You’ll experience enhanced sexual enjoyment while your partner does the same by teasing you while you’re teasing them. Bring sex toys into your bedroom to provide yourself and your partner with enhanced sexual enjoyment for many nights to come.

5. Improves Relationships

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So why, to quote Justin,  do relationships always start off fun and then turn into suck-a-bag-of-dicks? It could be because the other person’s a douche or it could be because you aren’t inviting sex toys along to play. Don’t let sex get boring, make it hot and keep it there by bringing your toys along.

There are many ways to mix up your sex life and keep it hot. If you can make his dick vibrate while he’s inside of you making it more enjoyable for both of you, do it. He can also use an anal toy during sex so that both of your G-spots (his is known as the P-spot) are being hit during intercourse.

Some partners believe that by bringing sex toys into the bedroom you “won’t need them anymore.” If you’re already enjoying sex toys with your partner, you’ll understand that’s not the case. Using sex toys with a partner is not a form of replacement but a way to up your sex game. Keep your sex life and your relationship hot by mixing it up and inviting sex toys along for the ride. If sex toys can take your sex life from great to speechless, why aren’t you already using them? Don’t get set in your ways of assuming toys will replace you and your partner will prefer them instead of you. Allow sex toys to up your sex life and give your sex game the greater performance you didn’t know it needed.

Now that you know the big deal with sex toys, get to shopping. Climb under your sheets to find your erogenous zones. Experience enhanced sexual enjoyment. Play with your partner to improve your relationship and don’t let your relationship turn into “suck-a-bag-of-dicks.”