PSA: Tracy’s Dog has once again pushed the boundaries of pleasure! 

These seasoned experts in the world of vibrators may have just unleashed a new sensation on par with their leg-shaking OG Pro 2, which took the internet by storm.

Introducing Tracy’s Dog Beta – a true masterpiece of adult pleasure technology that effortlessly blends the refined sensuality you desire with the unapologetically direct sensations you crave, all within one tantalizing toy. Or as one enthusiastic reviewer exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’ve never experienced a toy that brought me to climax so quickly!”

Ahead, we explore the features of this mind-blowing creation, starting with its unique “Come-Hither’ curved tip, skillfully designed to replicate the experience of steady thrusting penetration.


A full image of the Tracy's Dog Beta sex toy for women, feature a clit-sucking tip.


The Buzzing Come-Hither Curved G-Spot Tip

The heart of Tracy’s Dog Beta undeniably lies in its Buzzing Come-Hither Curved Tip. 

True to its name, the tip employs a tantalizing back-and-forth thrusting motion which perfectly emulates the consistent and unwavering penetration you’ve always craved.

Plus, it comes with different swing & vibration modes for you to customize your pleasure by choosing from gentle, rhythmic caresses or something with a bit more force.

Paired with the clit sucking stem we’ve come to know and love, the overall design liberates you from manual stimulation, allowing your hands to explore other avenues of desire


A top view of the Tracy's Dog vibrator.


Clitoral Pleasure Air Technology

Now, let’s explore its complementary features that are equally powerful to enhance your toe-curling O’s, starting with its Pleasure Air Technology.

The clit-sucking stem, strategically positioned to engage your clit, perfectly complements the come-hither tip. It uses gentle, rhythmic air pressure that can pulse, vibrate, and suck on the clitoris with precision to give you the best of both worlds, internal and external. 

Working together, the clitoral pulsation and g-spot sensation harmonize seamlessly with the back-and-forth motion of the tip, resulting in a crescendo of pleasure that builds throughout your entire body.

With the Tracy’s Dog Beta, you can also choose from 3 suction modes for subtle or more intense sensations.


A close up image of the Beta's clit-sucking sex toy tip.


High-Quality Silicone, Rechargeable, and Waterproof

As always, Tracy’s Dog vibrators are made using premium silicone with a silky smooth texture to enhance your experience. It’s soft, skin-friendly, 100% body-safe, and made to last for years of pleasure to come!

Plus, its IPX5 waterproof design not only allows for easy cleaning but also opens the door to aquatic adventures, adding a new dimension to your intimate experiences.

For those who crave convenience, the vibrator’s 2.5-hour charge time provides up to 60 minutes of continuous pleasure. No interruptions to search for batteries, just uninterrupted ecstasy whenever and wherever you desire. 


A full image of the sleek, purple Tracy's Dog Beta clit-sucking and g-spot thrusting sex toy.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Tracy’s Dog Beta takes on the appearance of a familiar friend with a few new features that really kick things up a notch.

Its delicious dual stimulation features, powered by the Buzzing Come-Hither Curved Tip and the innovative Pleasure Air Technology, promise you an orgasm that grows in intensity until you reach the point where you truly can’t contain the pleasure any longer.

Crafted from premium materials, the Tracy’s Dog Beta places your comfort and safety at the forefront of your intimate experience, ensuring that your moments of passion are not only exhilarating but also worry-free.

Whether you’re looking for a quick stress reliever after a long day or a new addition to your partnered play, this vibrator is sure to be your new go-to!

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