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Our friends at Tracy’s Dog just released a new toy that I’m seriously so excited about. I’ve never seen anything like this – and didn’t know how much I’d want one til I saw it! Their latest O! Get Fisted! line has two different shaped fists to give anyone the “fisting” experience while solo. They’re designed for beginners (with a fist size smaller than my own), so anyone can work up to this unique, filling sensation. Their 7.5 inch hand has a gradual design perfect for beginner fisters. Their 6 inch hand has a balled fist, to get the full sensation after warming up. Both have a suction cup base for optional hands-free play! Just make sure to use a water-based lube to keep it slick, like Tracy’s Dogs own Kinkly Lube. If you’re interested in the sensation of fisting, these inexpensive toys are totally unique and the way to go.

Note: Kinkly Lube is No Longer Available, We Recommend the Tracy’s Dog Water-Based Lube Instead!

Name7.5 Inch Fist and 6 Inch Fist
Type: Dildo
By: Tracy’s Dog

Hearts: 5 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 4 Devils

Material: Silicone
Special Features: Flexible, Rounded Tip, Textured Material, Suction Base

Realistic Design

Tracy’s Dog’s O! Get Fisted! hands come in two varieties – their 7.5 inch hand, with a gradual design that is easier to insert, and their 6 inch hand which is a more traditional fist, to give a very filling sensation. Both are made of silicone and have a suction cup base that allows you to easily stick it anywhere for hands-free play.

The 7.5 inch hand is 7.5 inches long from the edge of the suction cup to the tip of the fingers. 6 inches of that is insertable. It starts with small, closed fingers, then gradually increases in size until it is 2.5 across at the widest point, across the knuckles. The hand is smaller than my own, making it very comfortable for even a beginner to play with.

The 6 inch version is a bit trickier to insert, so I’d recommend warming up and getting very comfortable before playing with this toy. Unless you’re a size queen, you’re going to want to work up to this toy – but it’s definitely possible! It’s 6 inches long from the edge of the suction cup to the tip of the knuckles, with 5.5 inches of that insertable. Like its sister toy, it’s 2.5 across at the widest point, across the knuckles – although it is not as gradual to get there. So, you reach the widest point fairly quickly. This toy is great for getting the complete sensation of fisting, just as it’s intended to be.

Material & Care

This particular silicone is poured as a liquid, so it has no seams and feels smooth throughout. It is also flexible throughout for maximum comfort, and feels fairly life-like, smooth, and soft. The material gets nicely slippery when used with a water-based lubricant. Just be sure not to use silicone-based lubricant, as it could degrade the material. You can easily wash this toy with warm water and soap or your favorite toy cleaner. To better clean, you can even boil this dildo or put it in the dishwasher.

Kinky Lube

You’ll definitely want to use a nice water based lube to get everything slicked up before play. Tracy’s Dog sent along their own Kinkly Lube for us to try – and this moisturizing lube definitely did the trick. This particular lubricant is thin, but not watery – which lets it to easily glide onto skin and toys without gooping up like a gel. You can use a little bit to cover the whole toy, just make sure to re-apply if you’re using it for anal play. This particular lube proved to be long-lasting and not sticky. It stayed slippery and slick throughout play, and left very little residue behind. It didn’t even get sticky! Clean up was simple with soap and water, and came in a big bottle for the price. Just be aware, this lube does contain glycerine (a preservative that can cause irritation in some people), so be cautious and spot-test if you have skin sensitivities.

Pros & Cons


  • Realistic detailing
  • Multiple ways to use it
  • Tapered tip that’s easy to insert (for 7.5 inch fist)
  • Realistic design
  • Strong suction base
  • Easy to clean silicone


  • None!


This simple toy is perfect to start your collection with, or add to an existing collection for something that’s dual density, perfectly curved, and sure to please. The suction base makes it easy to use on practically anything, and with such a realistic design, it’s the perfect replacement for any “boy toy.”

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Note: Kinkly Lube is No Longer Available, We Recommend the Tracy’s Dog Water-Based Lube Instead!

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