Waves of Pleasure

When Tantus offered to send me the Tsunami, I was absolutely thrilled. As soon as I learned that Tantus’s toys are made of 100% premium silicone, I dreamed of trying out their super high-quality toys. After much deliberation, with contenders like the Goddess, Echo, and Pro-Touch… I decided on the Tsunami. This vibrator looked so sweet and innocent online… coming in three adorable colors (pink preferred) with nice curve and a few well-placed ridges for extra stimulation.

When my review package came and I opened the box, a rush of thoughts went through my head. I was excited, delighted, and… incredibly intimidated. The Tsunami looked monstrous in person. I was not at all prepared to put a dildo slightly larger than my head into my vagina. At all. I was so scared that it took me over a week to muster up the courage to try it out… but once I got over my fear and into my vagina, the Tsunami lived up to it’s name with waves of pleasure, an easy fit, and the Tantus promise of quality that I had hoped for.

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Name: Tsunami
Type: G-Spot Vibrator, G-Spot Dildo
By: Tantus

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness4 Devils
Vibration: 3 Car bullet, 1 Car in the dildo
Noise: 2 Bees

Material: Silicone
Special Features: High Quality, Waterproof, Ergonomic, One Speed, Textured, Massive


I was aware that Tantus had some scary large toys… like their nearly foot long Hoss, larger than life Goliath, and the truly monstrous Raptor XL. Measuring it at just 6.75 insertable inches, I figured that the Tsunami would be a pretty average size for me. After all, I’ve seen and slept with much larger in person. But, it’s hard to imagine the sheer size of the Tsunami until you see it live… and I realized that the 6.75 inches doesn’t quite account for the curve. When measured from the base of the curve, across the largest side, to the tip, the Tsunami measures in at a much larger 8 inches. The girth wasn’t quite so intimidating. Although the Tsunami isn’t skinny by any means, it starts out with a smaller girth at the tip, 4 inches around, and gradually moves up to its larger shaft, which is 5 inches at its largest ridge. Overall, the Tsunami has a 1.5 inch diameter with a 2.75 inch flared base, which makes it totally compatible with your favorite strap-on, and perfect for anal play.


I didn’t even know how to begin getting something this large inside me… and it took quite a few times of eyeing it from across the room that I mustered up the courage to give this toy a go. I was excited, but also nervous… afraid that it might hurt. Once I got over the size of the Tsunami and committed myself to trying my largest toy yet, I fell in love with it’s super ergonomic and pleasurable design. It’s tip starts with a very gradual curve, making it easy to insert from the start. Then, it has a series of swirls and ridges, or “waves” along the shaft, designed to provide extra stimulation while thrusting. It also has a slight curve at the tip, for g-spot stimulation. It has all the makings of an amazing g-spot dildo.

However, despite the awesome design, it didn’t quite hit my g-spot perfectly. I was disappointed that it didn’t give me the over-the-top sensation I was craving. I had a very pleasurable “full” feeling, with a light pressure against my g-spot, but the girth at the lower half of the toy made it hard to insert. Unfortunately, I could only reach the beginning of the second wave (out of of three), and my g-spot just wasn’t getting in on the action. Determined to make the most out of the Tsunami, I lubed up, relaxed, and kept in sync with a comfortable rocking, thrusting motion that slowly helped me open up, and take in more of the sensation. I still couldn’t quite get past the second wave, but I was able to get some more g-spot action, though it took a lot of thrusting to get even close the sensation I craved. Regardless, it was a nice sensation that could easily be felt after some warm-up and persistence.

Perhaps someone with a more shallow g-spot, or that is able to take larger toys, would feel more stimulation from the curve and lower waves. My g-spot isn’t quite that shallow, nor my vagina big enough, to truly get the full experience of this toy. So, although I like it, I can’t fully love it because I can’t get all the texture I was hoping to. I wish I could make it just a bit slimmer at the base and a bit more curved to get the perfect combination I had been hoping for.

Vibration & Power

Calling the Tsunami a vibrator is a bit misleading. I would prefer to consider it a vibrating dildo. At the base, it has a small hole which perfectly fits the one-speed bullet it comes with. (I’ve heard of some reviewers getting the three-speed bullet with the Tsunami and other Tantus vibrators, but mine was a one-speed.) The bullet itself is nice quality for a one-speed vibration, so if you haven’t invested in a bullet yet, this is definitely a nice one to have in your drawer for pinpoint stimulation. However, the bullet is a moderate vibration at best, and when it’s inserted into the dildo, the vibration becomes barely perceptible and lost along the shaft of the toy. I was also a bit surprised that the battery was smaller than a AAA. It would be difficult to replace this battery if it were to die.

Despite the low vibration, the Tsunami had a pleasurable sensation once inserted. When used alongside one of my favorite bullets for the extra stimulation I needed, the Tsunami definitely put me over the edge with a combination of fullness and curve that added to my pleasure. Although I wouldn’t have been able to finish with this dildo alone, it is definitely a welcome addition to my toy box. In terms of noise, this vibrator is relatively quiet. It sounds about as quiet as a cell phone’s vibration. Although it could be heard from under the covers, it definitely can’t be heard through a closed door.


Perhaps the best thing about the Tsunami, and all of Tantus’s toys, is that they are made of 100% a high-quality, medical-grade, ultra-premium silicone blend. It is known to be the safest material on the market… with an incredibly pleasurable feel. It is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, tasteless, and without fail the go-to material for body-safe toys. This particular silicone has a glossy texture, which gives it a nice glide after pairing it with some lube. Unlike velvety or matte silicone blends, the glossy feel has very little drag once it’s inserted… which means less discomfort and less need for lube after you’re already warmed up. It is also a bit plushy and pliable, rather than hard and rigid. It is very bendable, flexible, and best of all, comfortable.

Beyond the amazing feel of this material, silicone is incredibly easy to care for. You can quickly and easily wash the Tsunami with soap and warm water (both before and after play) and can also use toy wipes or cleaners. If you’re looking for more of a deep clean, this silicone is dishwasher safe, boil-able, and bleach-able – to assure that it’s totally clean. To bleach it, use a 10% bleach 90% water solution… then be sure to wash thoroughly with soap and water before using it on yourself. To boil it, remember to remove the bullet first, then boil in a pot for 3-5 minutes. Don’t use alcohol on silicone toys, as it could degrade the material.

On the down side, the silicone is a total dust-magnet. Just setting it on the floor for a moment will get it covered in fuzz, hair, and everything else you can imagine. So, it’s important to store this dildo wisely – and clean if thoroughly before and after every use. Also, always use a water based lubricant with silicone toys, to avoid the silicone “melting”, degrading, and otherwise getting messed up from chemical reactions. 

Pros & Cons


  • High quality materials
  • Unique, pleasurable design
  • Flared base for anal or strap on play
  • Comfortably smooth glossy silicone
  • Incredibly easy to clean


  • Bullet is pretty weak
  • Third wave doesn’t fit inside my vagina


I really really REALLY love the concept of this vibrating dildo, and totally stand behind the quality of Tantus’ well-made toys. But, I couldn’t experience the waves of pleasure the Tsunami promised, and found myself wishing for a few changes – like a bit less girth on the lower half and more of a curved tip to hit my g-spot perfectly. This dildo would be perfect for someone who can handle a larger toy, or has a more shallow g-spot. For me, I love the pleasurable “full” feeling it gives me, and the gentle g-spot pressure… but I’ll be checking out some more of Tantus’ toys, and go with something a bit smaller and curved next time – like the Pro-Touch or Acute. I absolutely LOVE Tantus, and can’t wait to try more of their toys!

 Thank you, Tantus, for letting me review this incredible toy!

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