Uberlube, the premier silicone lubricant on the market, comes in various sizes – one of which is an adorable little vial. I thought it was adorable, but when I opened it up to use it, it proved to be so much more than that. The lube enhances the feel of skin-to-skin contact, and is so silky smooth that it feels entirely natural. Surely, it’s the most incredible luxury lubricant I’ve ever tried.


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uberlube reviews


What is Uberlube Made of?

As an organic bitch from Boulder, CO – I love things that have a small number of ingredients, and you’d better believe that anything I put on my highly prized vagina has to be trustworthy. Fortunately, Uberlube is! The company only makes this one product, which allows them to devote all their time and energy to making it the best it can be – which my vagina certainly appreciates.



There are only four ingredients in Uberlube, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone, and Tocopheryl Acetate – all of them are body-safe silicone. Unlike water-based lubricants, it has no harmful preservatives, irritants, or petrochemicals (like parabens and glycerine). It’s also incredibly silky smooth, not sticky, tasteless, odorless, and VERY long-lasting. It doesn’t leave any residue, but you may want to lay down a towel, because silicone lubes tend to leave stains on sheets and clothing (like your favorite lacy panties).

Even so, many people prefer silicone lube, especially for anal sex, because it is so natural-feeling, long-lasting, and body-safe. Despite the minor inconvenience above, it’s still a new favorite of mine!


Does Uberlube Work with Toys?

The all-important question, can this luxury lubricant be used with your favorite toys? The answer is it depends. As I mentioned above Uberlube is solely made of silicone. Though it may sound counter-intuitive silicone lube does not play well with silicone toys. The two rubbing together can cause your toy to start degrading. Any other toys made of non-silicone materials are safe to use with Uberlube. 

Another important thing to note is using Uberlube with condoms. If you’re using natural rubber or polyisoprene condoms, then bring on the Uberlube. However, if you’re using a polyurethane condom then DO NOT use this lube. So pay close attention to what your sexy accessories are made of when using a silicone-based lube! 


uberlube reviews


How to Use Uberlube

The number one goal of Uberlube is to enhance the feeling of skin to skin to contact, rather than make you feel the lube. When using Uberlube, this intent is obvious. While I was masturbating with the lube, I remember thinking how good my vagina felt. I thought, “If I had a dick, I would definitely fuck myself”. So it definitely gets my seal of approval.

When using Uberlube for sex a little bit goes a long way. I used about a dime-sized amount and didn’t need to reapply it once during my 20 minute play session. I think this would be quite similar for other forms of play or penetration. Of course it’s really up to you. Start by applying a small amount to yourself, your partner, or a toy and see how you feel. You can always apply more to keep the sex smooth. The luxury lube doesn’t have a chemical smell, which I also like. The texture is nice as well, like a lightweight oil (if I had to compare it to something) though it is very slippery, slick, and smooth. It wasn’t hard to clean off – just one application of my normal toy cleaner left my toy clean and smelling normal (not like leftover lube). 



Personally, the only issue I have with Uberlube is that I didn’t like it for anal play. I like my anal lubes to be a Vaseline-like thickness and this one was a little too lightweight for my preference. However, plenty of other Uberlube reviews have highly recommended this lube for anal play, so it’s a highly personal preference.


uberlube reviews


Yes! Get You Some Uberlube!

I loved Uberlube, and found it perfect for nearly every use. Though I’m good on lube right now, Uberlube will be a serious contender the next time I go to purchase a new bottle. If you’re looking for a luxury lubricant that is sure to increase intimate feelings and not just to grease up parts – I know you’ll love it too!


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