I love everything about Unbound and their mission, so I jumped on the chance to review a vibrator by them, the Unbound Squish. The Squish is a small, extremely user-friendly handheld external vibrator perfect for clitoral stimulation. And while the Squish isn’t powerful enough for me, it is still an amazing, unique, accessible toy that anyone can enjoy.

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Name: Squish
By: Unbound
Type: Vibrator, Clitoral Vibrator

Hearts: 4 Hearts
Quality: 5 Stars
Naughtiness: 2 Devils
Vibration: 3 Cars
Noise: 1 Bee


Squish is an easy, fun to use toy. What makes it so innovative and accessible is that it opens up vibrator use to more people. Some buttoned vibrators aren’t incredibly user-friendly, especially for folks with disabilities. To activate the vibration in the Squish, all you have to do is give it a squeeze. Like the packaging says: “Squeeze me to death! Like, not actually. But close.”


My Squish came fully charged, so after giving it a wipe down, it was straight to play time. And because I really didn’t get into unboxing for a few days, let me tell you, once I did and saw the storage bag Unbound provides for their toy, my holographic-loving ass was down to buy another Unbound toy ASAP. The drawstring storage bag with the subtle Unbound logo is shiny and the perfect size for the Squish.

To start the Squish, press and hold the front button until it lights up the hidden Unbound logo and vibrates. Then, you’re ready to use free play mode. Squeeze the Squish, gently for a light vibration, or give a full-on squish for a stronger, around mid-level vibe.

Next, you can enter record mode. This one is super fun and would be super sexy for partnered use. Just press the center button once, and you’re there. Next, start squeezing out your ideal pattern. When you’re finished, stop squeezing. The Squish will pause for a bit, then start playing your pattern on repeat. To record a new pattern, just start squeezing again.

Finally, there’s lock mode. Press the center button again to enter this mode. This is for when you’ve recorded the perfect pattern and want it to keep playing over and over. Yes, you could just achieve that in record mode, but it’s possible that in the throws of the moment, if your grip changes, you’ll start squeezing out a new pattern. This prevents that from happening. To switch back to free play, press the center button again, and to turn the toy off, press and hold the button until the Unbound logo lights up and the toy vibrates before all lights shut off.

I was so impressed by the power of this small toy. No, it was not enough to get me off. However, it was so rumbly and powerful for such a small device. I was expecting light, buzzy vibes, and I got more than I bargained for. This toy is also waterproof, completely body-safe, and has a one year warranty.

To charge your Squish, just plug the provided USB into a charging block or USB port. Then place the Squish on the wireless charger. It seriously looks so adorable sitting there. World’s cutest vibrator, hands-down.

Care & Cleaning

Squish is a waterproof silicone toy, so wash it was antibacterial soap and warm water and then pat dry or let air dry, or use a water-based toy cleaner. Store it in the container it came in, the pretty Unbound bag it comes with, or your favorite toy storage device, away from other silicone toys. Silicone on silicone can cause toys to wear down.


Squish is an amazing toy for beginners, partnered use, those who like light to mid-level vibrations, and those who can’t find a vibe with the perfect vibration setting. It’s also innovative and ideal for use by anyone, regardless of ability or anatomy. While I crave more power, I really love the Unbound Squish and what Unbound is doing with their awesome, inclusive, exciting toy creation.

Squish is an incredibly popular toy. At the time of writing this review, it was sold out, and if that’s the case when you go to buy it, remember that Unbound offers an array of other awesome toys.

Get it at Unbound for $99.


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