Clitoral vibrators have always been my favorite! And while I enjoy the basic ones, I absolutely love those that take pleasure to the next level. That’s exactly what Vibease sets out to do.

With a cute, ergonomic design, this external vibrator is made with women in mind. Coated in high-quality silicone, Vibease is super soft and smooth all over, mimicking the feel of skin-to-skin contact. The rounded tip of this small wearable massager curves inward with an extra bend forming a point for added reach and stimulation. But what really makes this toy stand out is its going beyond just physical satisfaction and recognizing the importance the mind plays in titillation. When connected to the app, this massager offers hands-free use, can be remote controlled by someone miles away, and has the ability to vibrate in sync with your favorite erotic fantasies.

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Name: Vibease
External Massager

Hearts: 5 Hearts
5 Stars
3 Devils
3 Cars
1 ½ Bees

Well-Felt Vibes

Before using this massager, you’ll need to charge it using the included cord. Simply push the pin into the small charging port found at the bottom of the toy and plug into a USB wall plug or computer. A blinking white light between the control buttons indicates the battery is charging, which will switch to blue once a full charge has been reached. The first charge takes about three hours, but ones after it should only take two.

Now playtime begins! This toy can be used manually, or slipped into your panties and paired with an app for hands-free stimulation. We’ll start with the basics… Press down on the power button to turn Vibease on and off, and press the vibration button to cycle through different patterns:

1. Steady vibe
2. Pulsations
3. Revving up and down
4. Quick pulses
5. Quicker steady vibe

Though small, the vibrations coming from this toy are powerful. The flattened front rests comfortably against the clit, applying the perfect amount of pressure. Buzzy vibes travel through it and the rounded head, while the “beak” delivers pinpointed stimulation. I was even more impressed with how quiet this massager is – it was virtually silent when against my body. So, all of you embracing the dorm life or living with your parents, this toy’s noise level is ideal.

…And More Features

Syncing with the Vibease app makes for even more ways to enjoy this smart massager. An instruction manual lays out the steps for downloading the app and pairing it to your toy. I had a few failed attempts at first, but found turning on Bluetooth through my phone’s settings, rather than when in the app, as recommended, helped.

One of the things I enjoy most about this feature is its hands-free capabilities. Vibease comfortably slips into almost every variety of underwear, though stronger, cotton panties will hold it best. My thin, barely-there thongs and cheekies were no match! Also, while this massager’s body is curved to rest comfortably against the vagina, it’s bulky enough that you won’t want to walk around in it. I found using with the app while laying or sitting to be the most pleasurable.

Within the app, there are eleven additional pulsation settings, erotic audios, and a chat feature to connect with other people. The audio stories create an experience playing on many senses and include some of the most titillating desires. While listening, you control the tempo of the vibrations by moving the design around to fit what you want. A great selection of the stories are free, although there are some that require paid credits. Also, when connected, you can give your partner full reign to stimulate it no matter where they are. All in all, it’s perfect for long distance lovers who want to feel close intimately even though they’re thousands of miles away!

Cleaning & Care

After each use, just wash with a mild soap and warm water or a water-based toy cleaner, let air dry, then store in a safe place to avoid picking up lint. The toy comes with a dark, satiny drawstring bag which is the perfect storage option.

Pros & Cons


  • Discreet
  • Body-safe silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • App for more ways to control and play
  • Water resistant


  • Vibes may not be strong enough for some
  • Not waterproof


A curved design offering varying degrees of stimulation and mid-level vibrations makes Vibease great for foreplay, both solo and partnered. To add to its high-end features, a unique app allows for remote control, creating new patterns, and enjoying the toy alongside your favorite songs and erotic writings. If you’re looking for a wearable vibe that has multiple ways of play, this is a perfect (and wallet-friendly) choice!

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