voodoo mini halo wireless 20x review


My wand massager is one of my absolute favorite toys, capable of leg shaking orgasms in just minutes. If I could bring it with me anywhere, I totally would. Problem is, it’s pretty bulky and not exactly travel-friendly. Enter the Mini Halo Wireless 20X from VooDoo Toys: a miniature but powerful version of the wand. This toy is super travel-friendly, so you can still maximize your pleasure on the go. The Mini Halo is everything I love about wand massagers in a tiny cute package!


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The Mini Halo fits right in the palm of your hand and easily into your bedside drawer, measuring just 7.8 inches long. It’s also super lightweight making it the perfect travel companion, and it even comes with a silky pouch to keep it in. Unlike many wand massagers that have separate parts (a base and a head) this toy is seamlessly covered in silky smooth high-grade silicone. It’s also 100% water-resistant, which means clean up is a breeze; just wash with water and anti-bacterial soap or your favorite toy cleaner, and you’re good to go! The Mini Halo comes in three colors: pink, purple, and black, so you can choose the color that speaks to your soul. I got my hands on a purple one, which happens to be my favorite color. The neck is flexible so you can move around, but it won’t stay in the flexed position. As the name would imply, this toy is wireless and USB rechargeable. Unfortunately, the charging port is pretty difficult to access, and it took me a bit to figure out I still haven’t how to pull off the silicone cap to the charging port. Here’s the step-by-step in case you’re just as confused as I was:

1. Insert charging USB to charging block
2. On the other end of the Mini Halo, locate a small dot
3. Firmly push the charging cord into place (if it feels resistant, that’s normal!)
4. Remove charging cord once Mini Halo is fully charged



The handle of the toy has a textured grip with easily accessible control buttons – power, intensity, and vibration patterns. One thing I don’t like about this toy is the singular intensity button. The changes in intensity are so minimal, it’s hard to tell whether it’s going up or down at first. There’s also no way of telling if you’ve hit the very top or very bottom because if you keep clicking it will start going back up or down again. Other three-buttoned toys I’ve used have a shared power/vibration pattern button, with separate buttons for intensity up and intensity down. I wish this toy had those features because I found the singular intensity button frustrating to use.





Don’t be fooled by its compact size, this toy really packs a punch! With a special high strength motor, the Mini Halo delivers rumbly vibrations that are sure to make you quiver. Amazingly, this wand massager has 20 different vibration settings (some of which are pretty similar, but still unique) which is definitely the most of any toy I’ve ever tried. I could have sworn one mode was the Batman theme song (nananananananana Batman!). There are multiple different vibration intensities too, but as I mentioned, the intensity button is kind of hard to understand.





When I first turned the Mini Halo on, I was really surprised how intense it was for such a small toy. It was pretty loud, so those with roommates or living with parents beware. After fumbling around with the intensity for a bit, I found a setting that was good for me. I am honestly not that much of a power queen, so the lower intensities were about right for me, but even for low, they were still pretty powerful. I definitely don’t see myself using the higher intensities anytime soon. For me, someone who prefers lower level vibrations, they were a little intimidating! I really liked exploring the different vibration patterns to find one that worked for me. The toy definitely got the job done quickly!





The Mini Halo is definitely going to be a fixture in my playtime from now on! Massagers are one of my favorite types of toys, and this one has everything I need in a small package. It’s super lightweight and has so many different vibration patterns, it would be hard to get bored with it. Although the controls are a little difficult to use, this is easy to overlook. If you’re looking for a wand massager I highly recommend the Mini Halo!


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