In a sad turn of events, my favorite bullet died. In a small flash of blue silicone, the We-Vibe Jive swooped in and saved me. To be honest, when I opened the box, I wasn’t sure what the shape was about. I’ve figured it out why it’s shaped the way it is and now use it so much that I’ve charged it three times since I got it a few weeks back! Get more details on the greatness below.

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Name: JIVE 
G-Spot Vibe

Hearts: 4 Hearts
4 Stars
3 Devils
3 Cars
2.75 Bees

The Jive Low-Down

I don’t remember if this vibe came charged. To be honest, I don’t know that I checked. I always charge my new vibes to completion before using them for the first time. This charger is magnetic where it connects to the vibe and otherwise has a regular USB base. It’s kinda tricky to figure out which way to attach the charger. The vibrator has a small blue light that goes on to tell you when the power is connected.

The We-Vibe Jive is Bluetooth and app-enabled so it’s great for (close by) partner control or use in public. Look for “We-Connect” in the app store.

I would say the charge lasts about an hour on, straight. I’m a high-power girl, so that’s on a high or the highest setting. This little friend has ten settings, which the instructions denote as squiggly lines. Here’s my attempt at describing them:

  1. Low steady mini-pulse vibrations
  2. Medium steady mini-pulse vibrations
  3. High steady pulse vibrations
  4. Longer equal interval pulses
  5.  Steady low, high pulses
  6. High to low waves
  7. Long interval pulses, then short interval pulses
  8. Rolling low to high with a short break
  9. Steps, low – medium – high
  10. Low high quick interchanges

Shape & Material

This internal bullet (that’s what I’m calling it) is pure silicone or I wouldn’t have put it in my body. The shape is like if you attached a tail to a really round butt plug. It’s similar in shape to some of We-Vibe’s couple toys, like the Sync. If you held the large part up to your ear, the tail would look like a headset microphone.

The idea is that the large oval goes inside you or rests on your clit and the tail is your control. The tail is pretty helpful, once you figure it out. If you want to change the settings, it has a handle and you don’t have to reach inside you or at any strange angle. I really like this feature and I wish other toys had it.

My Experience

I don’t have many complaints about this vibrator. The vibration aren’t that pin pointed, but if it’s chilling inside you or you spread your lips and have it rest on your clit, that’s not an issue. I also learned this is a great toy to use while giving a blowjob. You can hold the big part in your hand under someone’s balls. That got an A+ rating from my partner!

Like I said, I’ve been using this pretty often. I wish it was a little more powerful, but I’m on the extreme end of the power spectrum. Otherwise, no complaints from me!


This is silicone, so simple soap and water will do the trick. Don’t soak it – there’s no need – just wash it thoroughly and set to dry.

Pros & Cons


  • Bluetooth enabled
  • All silicone
  • Rechargeable
  • Submersible
  • Handle-like control


  • No steady constant vibration setting (without pulses)
  • Semi-low battery life


I would recommend this vibe to just about anyone. Regardless of gender or genitalia, I think it can bring anyone pleasure and can be used solo or during penetrative sex. It’s affordable for its quality level and comes with features you won’t get in cheaper models. You can buy it at the links below!


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