How far will your imagination take you? We’re checking on your FQ (Fantasy Quotient) to help you plan lovers-only outdoor adventures guaranteed to add zest to your love life. Make it a surprise or let your sweetie in on the planning. You never know what a second imagination can do for a fantasy once you start to flesh out plans for an adventure that has no romantic limits!

1. Camping with Cupid

Activity: Pitch a tent and do what comes naturally

Where to do it: Check out a list of parks and campgrounds in your area – or explore somewhere new – to find a perfect setting

Is this for you or not? If you get all crabby when you wing it in the wild, your outdoor adventure could go south in a heartbeat. Germaphobes: do yourself a favor and stay home with your hand sanitizer.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: One-on-one time in a cozy tent away from the pressures of everyday life has the power re-ignite a flame—even in seasoned relationships. Bring some guilty pleasures along; like adult beverages and whipped topping. That’s for dessert, of course.

Excitement level: High if you play your cards right. Lactose intolerant? Pack the right dairy product!

2. The Gaze Craze

Activity: Stargazing—with our without optical aids

Where to do it: Choose an open sky location that’s near your home base.

Is this for you or not? If you’re eager to please the stargazer you adore, make the sacrifice in the name of love. Bring the 3 basics: Blankets, Beverages, Binoculars. Add a Blow-up pool if you hope to see stars from a better angle.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: Think about daily hassles that populate your life and steal precious moments. Acknowledge the fact that you and your honey are small dots on a big planet by taking in a star-filled sky. If the urge to make love strikes, no worries. The stars won’t tell.

Excitement level: Just right. Unless your pool leaks air and you both become earthbound in the midst of your observation session.

3. Work up a Sweat

Activity: Hiking to scenic places

Where to do it: Make a beeline for any recommended hiking area and you’ll return home feeling alive and rejuvenated

Is this for you or not? Leave it to the Washington Trails Association to give lovers a taste of what they can expect on a romantic hiking trip. If this info strikes a chord, you’ve got your game plan.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: Pair stress-relieving hiking in a pristine wilderness with opportunities for impromptu love making and even troubled relationships can be rehabilitated.

Excitement level: Depends upon whether you’re fit for outdoor exercise. Remember: it’s a romantic adventure, not an opportunity to see how many unused muscles you can abuse.

4. Something’s Fishy

Activity: Go fish—the sport, not the kid’s card game

Where to do it: Love the idea of catching the big one and then returning to the comfort of a rustic bed chamber at day’s end? Have your cake and eat it too.

Is this for you or not? If you already love to fish, this elevates the experience to new highs. New at the game? Ask the expert to wrap his or her arms around you to help you perfect your technique. Your casting technique, that is. Use lures, not bait. Nothing destroys a romantic interlude like a bunch of yucky worms.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: It’s relaxing to sit in a boat or on shore with a shared goal and all the time in the world to share your deepest thoughts. Bring a picnic that doesn’t include tuna sandwiches.

Excitement level: Depends upon how enthused you get when you land a fish or swim upstream in the arms of your beloved.

5. Your Kingdom for a Horse – Preferably two

Activity: Horseback riding

Where to do it: Discover a romantic trail in your area of the country

Is this for you or not? That depends upon how often you two plan to dismount.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: Riding offers the right amount of exercise and you can stop for refreshments along the trail, but you won’t be so tired by day’s end that you’re more interested in snoozing than exploring the benefits of a great night ride.

Excitement level: That depends on how much you two horse around. If the thought of having horses observe your riding breaks is enough to destroy your mood during the day, tether them away from your picnic spot.

6. Get Your Pirate On

Activity: Geocaching

Where to do it: The world is your oyster when sleuthing out treasures, so stick close to home to pursue this adventure-making sure your hunting grounds are in close proximity to motels, of course.

Is this for you or not? Do you have a GPS system? Willing to keep a logbook? Feeling frisky? Go for it.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: Let’s say you two share a penchant for unusual experiences and the idea of sharing your discoveries feels pretty damn sexy. If geocaching floats your boat, you’re going to laugh a lot—and nothing keeps a relationship strong and long-lasting more than shared humor.

Excitement level: Search for mundane treasures and have fun. Search for erotic treasures and you’ll have more fun.

7. Go down and deep

Activity: Spelunking

Where to do it: There are tons of cool caves to explore nation-wide for adventurers who like it rough.

Is this for you or not? Skip this sport if you or your partner are claustrophobic.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: If you fantasize about having sex in a cave, we don’t have to tell you that you’re flirting with danger, right? Taking a tour? Your guide will look for you if you wander off. That stated, if you like an audience, nobody will be distracted by stalactites and stalagmites, no matter how far down the tour goes.

Excitement level: Extreme—especially if you find a way to sneak off without getting caught.

8. How high is too high?

Activity: Parasailing

Where to do it: Kitty Hawk, N.C. Couples experiencing this heavenly ride get to hold hands and view the world from aloft during a thrilling ride over the Wright Brothers’ turf.

Is this for you or not? The great thing about parasailing is that you’ll stay close enough to ground to feel comfortable, so even fearful fliers have enjoyed the ride. Once on the ground, the euphoria you’ll share is likely to be profound, so get creative when working off that excitement if you hope to get some shuteye.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: Taking shared risks can make a relationship stronger and longer. Risk taking a few thousand feet above earth has been known to super-charge libidos.

Excitement level: Intense. Aloft and down below.

9. Be Mine: Zip Line!

Activity: Zip lining

Where to do it: Visit Lake Geneva, WI for sky-high zip line excitement. Can’t get there? Emulate arrangements described on the Lake Geneva site.

Is this for you or not? Have you been waiting for a chance to try this activity? Wait no longer. You’re both guaranteed a pulse-elevating experience that comes with vivid memory making.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: Share a kiss before you go and wait at the end of the course to bestow another. Post-zip hugs tend to be intense, so plan the rest of your day accordingly.

Excitement level: Don’t tell your parents. They worry.

10. Get your glamp on

Activity: Glamping—luxury camping

Where to do it: There are glamourous camping options all over the country!

Is this for you or not? That depends upon your bank balance and credit card limit because this isn’t your grandpa’s campsite. Consult Google to get the skinny on glamping before you start planning.

Why it’s romantic and how it can strengthen a relationship: No dirt. No work. Just you, your love and nature–minus all-natural loos and itchy blankets. Get the intimacy you seek in an environment that’s pure luxury.

Excitement level: This depends upon your libido and how dirty you want to get within your private digs.


So many ideas; so little time—-but that’s the point. If you don’t make time for romance and shared experiences now it won’t matter where you vacation because only bread that’s left out gets staler than a relationship that isn’t nurtured.

Intersperse your day adventures with longer getaways. Get out and get physical—undertaking these sporting ideas, of course.