The Reverse Cat perfectly combines the sensuality and control of Cowgirl with the clitoral pleasure of The Cat. In this girl on top position, you control the speed and depth of your motions, while his hands are free to roam and explore your body. By simply aligning your pelvises, leaning forward, and moving in a rocking motion, you can get the clitoral pleasure you’ve been craving during sex.

How to Do It

While he’s on his back, get into Cowgirl position. Instead of bending your knees, extend your legs behind you, and try to get them as straight and close together as possible. If you’re able to, you can even balance your legs on his. It may feel a little weird at first, but it puts your clit in the perfect position to get pleasured. Then, align your pelvis on top of his and slip him inside of you. You should have a ton of penetration from this angle. To invite your clitoris to the party, rock your hips back and forth slowly, so you’ll have slightly less penetration and more clitoral pleasure.

Make It Hotter

This position is totally steamy as it is! But if you’re ready to turn up the heat, have him grip your butt and help aid your thrusts. With a little extra pressure pushing your hips back and forth, you’ll get into the rhythm you need to bring you to heaven. In this close and intimate position, you can also take full advantage of roaming hands, meeting lips, and getting into all each other’s sensitive spots along your neck, shoulders, and ears.

When to Use It

The Reverse Cat is best for romantic, intimate sex that might even border on tantric. With deliciously slow and temptingly sensual motions, you’ll feel closer to your partner than ever… in more ways than one. This hot position is definitely best for marathons, as it’s a slow building groove to get into the pleasure-perfect position. Unfortunately, this position won’t work very well if your man’s member is small. He may slip out with the subtle shallow penetration, so best to try this out with your more well endowed man. Regardless, this hot position is worth a try for the girl on top both in and out of the bedroom.