Many women consider blow jobs to be a chore, work, or quite literally a job. If you’re a beginner, blow jobs can be intimidating at best, and painful at worst. Yet, blow jobs can also be incredibly enjoyable, even for the giver, if done properly, comfortably, and with enthusiasm. It doesn’t have to be all cringing and gagging while pubic hairs get caught in your teeth! Here are ten ways to give an incredible blow job that he’ll be dreaming about.

1. Wash up

If you’re concerned about any funky scents or tastes down there, simply hop in the shower! While you’re at it, give a trim to prevent any stray hairs (if you feel so inclined). Showering can be a fun way to work in some foreplay and get clean. If you want to get right down to business without a wash, use a warm wet towel to gently stroke your partner. It will feel great and get the job done.



2. Assume the position

Do you really want to be on your knees on a hardwood floor for 20 minutes? No way. Take a moment to get comfortable, because you could be here for a while. Whether you’re kneeling on a carpet, laying on the bed, or laying down with your head hanging over.… start with comfort first, then feel free to switch it up at any time!

3.  Learn your partner’s pleasure spots

Everyone is different, and what’s hot for some may be a total boner-killer for another. Find out in advance what your partner likes, and change up your routine to fit their preferences. While you’re down there, ask, “Do you like that? Should I go faster or slower? Would you like more or less hand action?” You can also get feedback through his moans and movements.



4. Learn the basics

First, get his penis wet by licking him from base to tip, then put the whole thing in your mouth. Keep him angled toward the roof of your mouth to avoid your gag reflex. Close your lips around his shaft, being careful to avoid your teeth.

5. Get creative with your hands

Start with your hands stroking his member. Use your hand as if it is an extension of your lips. You can move up and down alongside your mouth, or gently twist your hand for additional sensation. Alternate between gentle strokes, harder pulls, and slightly pumping fingers.




6. Switch it up

Alternate your strokes, licks, and sucks around his most pleasurable spots. Run your tongue along the underside of his shaft, flick it along the ribbed edge, and swirl it around the tip of his head. Try to take the entire thing into your mouth, even if it’s just for a second.

7. Don’t neglect the balls

The family jewels are a huge pleasure zone, but often get ignored. Gently massage them in one hand, and move your fingers to alternate between the two balls. If you’re adventurous and your man is well groomed, give them a lick, then a gentle suck, and then take the whole ball into your mouth, gently. Those babies are sensitive!



8. Explore your deep throat

Deep-throating isn’t for everyone, but if you’re down to conquer your gag reflex and give your man an experience he won’t forget, it’s definitely worth putting your fears aside and giving it a try. To achieve this party trick, first, suppress your gag reflex by pushing your tongue down and opening your jaw wide. Slowly work your man’s member toward the back of your throat, moving your hands out of the way. Keep him there for a second to enjoy the sensation.

9. Where should he finish?

This is a question every girl has asked herself when coming to the grand finale. It’s really controversial and ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you are comfortable with your partner and don’t mind the brief taste, give swallowing a try. If you’re totally grossed out, offer him another option. You could spit, or tell him to finish somewhere else, like on you instead! That’s a hard offer for a guy to deny. Just be sure to have some tissues handy.



10. Make it enthusiastic

Whether you’re male or female, there’s nothing worse than hooking up with someone who views it as a chore. If you genuinely want to please your partner and show them a good time, act like it! Smile, laugh and be enthusiastic and happy. Don’t act pouty, tired, and bored. If you’re going to be a Debbie Downer, skip the BJ all together and settle for “movie night” in your PJ’s… again.