Being single is a blast. You never have to worry about someone waiting on you back home, all the steamy hookups with no strings attached, and there’s something special about feeling like a fierce independent woman. But what happens when you do meet that special someone? Does being in a relationship have to end the Slutty Girl lifestyle we all know and love?

Absolutely not!

As long as that special someone embraces who you are (and if they don’t, they’re not that special someone) and you remember their needs as well as yours, there is no reason to feel tied down (maybe just tied up!) Here are some tips to make your two lifestyles mesh, and continue your slutty lifestyle even when you’re in a relationship.

Be a Team

Your partner should be just that – a partner. Partner in crime, partner in love, partner in sex. Remember that you are equals in this relationship and you have to work together. Sometimes this means compromise, but that’s not always a bad thing. Take your partner with you on your slutty adventures. While a significant other can never replace your real partner in crime or your best girlfriends, they can be included in the team and be the wildcard. They’ll be your support when you need it most, and you’ll be theirs. Sometimes this world is hard for us Slutty Girls, and facing it with someone who understands you is wonderful!

Be Honest

In life and in the bedroom, honesty is the most important aspect of your relationships. If they are awesome enough to date you (because you are awesome), they are going to appreciate your honesty. Think your partner is too clingy, or is being too flirty themselves? Tell them! Let them know how you feel about all aspects of the relationship. It can be awkward at first, but you’ll feel much better afterwards. And let’s be real, if you’re going to having regular sex with this person, you’re going to have to be very open about your likes and dislikes. Personality only goes so far with compatibility! If you both are open and honest about your sexual desires, your sex life is going to amazing. You have one person solely dedicated to finding out the best ways to please you! How fantastic is that?! And of course, this goes both ways. Learning the best ways to blow each others… minds is a great way to keep up the slutty girl in you.

Have Adventures

Go on a road trip, plan a hike up a mountain, or stay in bed together all day. Sometimes being with the same person day after day can get a little boring so a little spontaneity can go a long way with a relationship. Complacency can be a big issue in long term relationships, make sure you don’t fall into that trap! You both should be reminding each other why you got together in the first place. This doesn’t mean you should be pressured to feeling like you need to constantly entertain one another, it just means keep up the spice, something a Slutty Girl is great at!

No man or woman should make you feel like you need to change to be with them. Things are going to change for sure, but if you find your equal, you two can run free together – just as well as any Slutty Girl would hope too! Carrie said it best in Sex and the City, “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they need to run free until they find someone just as wild to run with.”