Recently, Lady Mystery shared with us all the many benefits of older men. While she definitely offered many interesting points, the whole time I was reading it, as a girl not super into older men, I couldn’t help but think:

When friends show me pictures of their potential love interests, new Tinder matches, or former one-night-stands, nine times out of ten I respond with, “He looks old.” I’ve been long trying (and, sadly, failing) to popularize the use of the leopard emoji as a cougar emoji. My own mother dishes out jabs at my taste in men *ahem* BOYS. So, as SGP’s resident cougar-in-training, I humbly offer a rebuttal to Lady Mystery’s piece: 25 Reasons to Date a Younger Man

1. He’s Hot

Younger guys are in great shape without even trying, their faces haven’t yet been ravaged by age, and they still have a full head of hair. And, on a more personal note, never have I ever seen a grey pube or saggy balls in real life, and I hope to keep it that way for a long, LONG time.

2. No Walk of Shame

A younger guy probably lives with a couple roommates, in a frat house, or maybe even with his parents still. This means you get to spend time together at your house. You can sleep in your own bed, you don’t have to worry about how clean the bathroom might be, and you don’t have to walk home the next morning in four-inch heels and raccoon-eye makeup.

3. The Sex

Younger guys aren’t stuck in their ways and haven’t yet developed any bad habits. They’re eager to explore and try new things, with no bad past experiences to scare them off. Who knows? You may even be the first one to introduce him to something! Not to mention, you’re not likely to run into any issues with performance or stamina when it comes to younger men either. Talk about ENERGETIC.

4. Interesting Dates

Sure, an older gentleman will wine and dine you and the fanciest joint in town, but dinner dates get kinda BORING after a while. A younger guy is probably trying to make the most of his money and save a buck wherever possible. This doesn’t mean he’s cheap per se, but he’s going to have to find more creative ways to treat you. A hot air balloon ride might be show-y, but a scavenger hunt or a homemade picnic is so much more heartfelt.

5. Less Responsibilities

Chances are, your younger guy isn’t going to be constantly worrying or stressed out. He doesn’t have as much on his plate as his older counterpart does and he’s cool, calm, relaxed, and always down for a good time.

6. Meeting the Parents Will Be a Breeze

That is to say, meeting his parents is going to be a breeze. You’re a confident, grown-ass lady who’s got her shit together – a steady job, a place of your own, maybe a degree under your belt already. You’re going to look like nothing less than the ideal girlfriend in their eyes, someone who “will finally get him to grow up” (or so they hope).

7. No Baggage

He probably doesn’t have a lot of baggage to bring to the table. If he’s lucky, he hasn’t had very many bad life experiences yet. He hasn’t been in as many past relationships and isn’t jaded about where things between the two of you are headed because he hasn’t yet developed an awful and misinformed opinion that “all women are the same”.

8. He Likes to Party

Younger guys haven’t outgrown the party scene yet. He’s always down to hit up a bar or house party and maybe even is still hosting his own. The only Friday nights you’ll spend at home are the ones you choose to, because you’re never without options with this guy. Your younger beau loves to have a good time, and you’ll never have a dull weekend when he’s around.

9. He’s Easy to Impress

You’ve likely racked up quite a few more life experiences than he has. Any story that you tell is going to be riveting to him, his friends will be captivated by your anecdotes, and you’ll feel like the most interesting person in the world. Meanwhile, he’ll feel comfortable asking you anything because he views you as knowledgeable and worldly.

10. No Serious Commitment

A younger man is in no rush to get married or settle down (a Slutty Girl nightmare!). He’s not eager to have children and start a family. You’re under no pressure to think about a future together in the long-term, because the future still seems far away, leaving you plenty of time to focus on your career, traveling, or whatever else it is you fancy.

11. He Doesn’t Act Like He Owns You

You’re not a kept woman and you’re not his hot young girlfriend that he shows off as a status symbol. He doesn’t use his age, maturity, or experience to pressure you or make you feel inferior. A younger guy is just happy to have you around!

12. Youthful Enthusiasm

Both in and out of the bedroom, a guy who is your junior is going to have a youthful enthusiasm that silver foxes just don’t have anymore. Who doesn’t want to snag a guy who hasn’t outgrown that contagious exuberance?

13. He Was Raised Differently

Younger generations have been raised in the most open-minded society we’ve seen in recent history. A younger guy isn’t as likely to be judgmental of your lifestyle or the choices you make. He ‘gets’ you; old people just don’t understand, man.

14. The Future is Unclear – And That’s Okay

He may not have a ten-year plan mapped out in his head, but then again, do you? When you’re with a younger guy who is just as uncertain about where he’s heading in life as you are, you’ll feel less pressure to figure it all out. You’re young, you’ve got time, and being with an older guy can cause you to forget that. Life isn’t a race.

15. He’s Okay With a Busy Schedule

Your younger love interest is still partying, waking up in the afternoon, and definitely not looking for a serious commitment, which can be perfect if you’re too busy to foster a serious relationship. If you’re looking for someone casual and fun to fit into your already over-flowing schedule, a younger suitor could be the way to go.

16. His Friends are Fun

Young guy equals young friends. While your friends are putting in overtime at the office, training for marathons, or spending time with their cute nieces and nephews, his friends are hosting drinking game tournies, making huge batches of jello shots, and going on roadtrips. His friends are always down for a good time and don’t mind when you tag along because the more the merrier!

17. He’ll Keep You in the Loop

They say that new trends, new technology, new venues, and new whatever else is picked up first by the younger generations. Your younger date will know all the new local hot-spots and take you to that hot new bar before any of your friends, introduce you to the hottest new mobile game before it everyone else you know is addicted to it, show you the funniest viral videos before they’re viral, and play you the coolest new songs by the coolest new bands. When he’s around, you’ll never feel like you’re “too old” to try new things.

18. He’s Spontaneous

A younger man is more likely to be fine with dropping everything for an impromptu weekend trip and doesn’t stress a last minute change of plans. He doesn’t have as many work commitments or prior engagements that he can’t get out of, and he’s cool with things not playing out exactly as planned. He’ll roll with the punches and keep you on your toes.

19. He’s Okay Saying “No”

Older guys give in to societal pressures and feel obligated to attend events and functions that they have no desire to go to. Younger guys are totally fine with skipping something they’re not into. This works both ways: you’re not going to be dragged to boring events with him and, likewise, you’re not going to have to put up with a whiny guy who obviously doesn’t want to be there at your own events.

20. It’s a Confidence Booster

A younger guy could totally be with a girl his own age if he wanted to, a girl who’s still just as young, fit, and attractive as he is. But he’s not – he’s with YOU. When a dude is young enough to still be banging actual schoolgirls yet is still impressed when you show up on his doorstep in a schoolgirl outfit, it’s a nice feeling. Everyone likes to know that they’re still just as hot as they used to be.

21. Gifts are Thoughtful and Meaningful

While older guys can definitely spoil you and treat you to all sorts of luxurious surprises, if your younger beau buys you something, you know he’s put some real thought into it. He can’t afford to just throw money around, so when he does splurge or save up for something nice for you, it’s really special.

22. He’s Not Afraid to Be Goofy and Silly with You

Unlike an older man, who might feel too reserved or distinguished to really let loose, a younger guy is more than willing to go wild, have fun, and not worry what others will think. He doesn’t yet have a reputation that he needs to protect or preserve and he’s totally okay with being a little crazy or immature sometimes. Life is too short to be serious all of the time!

23. He’s Unreserved

To expand on the previous point, a younger guy isn’t uptight about how he’s perceived and isn’t trying to protect his “image”. He’s adventurous and up for anything. Whether it’s something as simple as holding hands or as bold as trying to sneak in some outdoor sex, when it comes to public displays of affection, your boy-toy is uninhibited and outgoing.

24. Takes Direction

You are a confident woman who knows what she wants (especially in bed). It’s a welcome change from the girls he’s used to that are still learning what they like and how to voice these opinions. Furthermore, he hasn’t yet developed the mentality that he already knows exactly how to please a lady. He’s willing to take pointers without taking a hit to his ego.

25. Date Him Because YOU Want To

As Lady Mystery showed us, there are just as many reasons to date an older guy as there are a younger one. Be with someone because they make you happy, regardless of how much younger they might happen to be.