Whether you’re traveling alone or with your partner you don’t want to leave your sex toys behind and you’ve probably wondered how you can pack them discreetly and modestly. This can be alarming for some especially if you’re traveling by plane; you may have even decided against taking them in the past under the circumstance that someone such as airport security might see them. There are several things you can do to make sure that you pack your sex toys carefully and safely so they are not seen, heard or damaged during transportation.

First things first, remember that you’re not the first person who’s ever packed sex toys and you won’t be the last. Most everyone has more sex when they’re on vacation so just imagine what all the TSA has possibly seen. If they search your bag and see what you’ve packed I highly doubt it will surprise them or disgust them. I would be willing to bet money that they’ve seen it all so don’t sweat it.

1. Toy Bags

Invest in small bags designed to keep your sex toys hidden and packed safely. These are important at home too so you can make sure they stay safe and clean even when you’re not using them, and don’t rattle around in your bag picking up dirt, lint, and germs. As one of our fabulous readers notes below, “if the toys are truly 100% silicone (with no cyberskin, jelly, elastomer, or TPE elements) they can be safely stored touching each other. (Admittedly, some companies label things as silicone when they aren’t, so it helps to deal with reputable stores and manufacturers!)” So, if you’re certain you have high-quality toys that are 100% silicone, one bag will do! If not, only put one toy in each bag because if your toys touch, it may cause them to melt into each other. (In the future, it’s definitely worth investing in high quality toys!) It would be very disappointing to arrive at your destination to find that the toys you were so nervous about bringing are now ruined and can never be used again. Also, if you bring lube pack it in clear Ziploc bags so if it opens it doesn’t get all over everything in your suitcase.

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2. Remove the Batteries

Imagine picking your bag up from baggage claim and your suitcase is vibrating. Everyone is standing around waiting for their luggage and now you have to open your suitcase to turn off the sex toy you packed so discreetly. Prevent this risk from occurring by removing the batteries until you arrive at your destination.


3. Know the Rules

Some airports have regulations on what you can pack in your luggage so do your research; search on the airline’s website to find the latest rules and regulations. Also, study where you’re traveling too. Some countries have regulations on sex toys and it’s important to study the airport you’ll be traveling back home from. It would be disappointing to have to ditch your sex toys in the trash before being able to travel home.

4. Pack them in Checked Luggage

Don’t pack your sex toys in your carry on bags, instead pack them in your checked luggage. Your bag will still be screened but if TSA decides to open it and inspect it you won’t be staring them in the face while they’re handling your prized possessions.


5. Don’t forget the Toy Cleaner

This item often goes overlooked but don’t forget to pack your sex toy cleaner! It’s important to clean your sex toys after sex and vacation sex is no exception. Keeping your toys clean keeps them in good working condition and keeps bacteria from building up.

Say you arrive at your destination and you find a slip of paper in your bag that says “Notice of Baggage Inspection” informing you that your bag was selected to be inspected. It will inform you that they inspected your bag and then returned the items to your bag which means they saw your sex toys.

Don’t sweat it! You’ve never seen these people and you won’t see them again and even if you do, neither of you will remember! Nowadays, most everyone owns some sort of sex toy so don’t be embarrassed or ashamed; just own it!

Traveling with your Sex Toys might make you feel a bit nervous and get your heart racing but don’t let that make you leave your toys behind. You deserve to have a fantastic vacation and that includes have the best orgasms you can with your sex toys. If your sex toys are seen what’s the worst that can happen? After all, you’re on vacation so don’t leave all the fun at home!

Happy Travels!