Can you think of a better way to start off 2019 than with a bang (literally)? Whether you’re attending a New Year’s party or staying in, make it fun and make it hot! You’re sure to ring in the new year right with these six sex positions! 

1. The Bridge

Lay on your back with your hands bent by your head; push your body up with your arms and legs until your body forms a bridge. Have your partner stand between your legs sliding in to penetrate you while in this position. This position does require some core strength but can be super hot! 

2. Chair Sit

Have your partner sit in a chair preferable with no arms. Straddle your partner and ride until your G-spot is content! This position is extra sexy because it allows you to both be closer to one another than if laying in bed. Your partners face will be in your chest while your legs are wrapped around his core. You’re both sure to love this position as it’s different and intimate.

3. Dryer Sex

You’ve heard about it and you may have done it a time or two, but probably not in a while. Have a seat on the dryer, turn it on and let your partner go down on you then penetrate you until you’ve both finished the cycle! Dryer sex is erotic; you’re not in the bedroom anymore and a dryer is vibrating under you both while you’re in the act. Dryer sex is totally a thing you should be doing more often.

4. Doggy Style

How long has it been since you got on your hands and knees and let your partner do you from behind? If it’s been a while, it’s time to revisit. This position is a very well known position that doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. Your partner has less body parts in their way, allowing for increased movement. Ring in this new year on your hands and knees, and enjoy this position and the many erotic sensations it brings!

5. Reverse Cowgirl

Have your partner lay on their back, straddle them, and ride them — but instead of facing their face, turn around and face their feet. This give them the perfect view of your backside and gives you the perfect angle to play with your clit and your partner’s balls.

6. Legs Over Shoulders

Lay on your back and have your partner come between your legs but instead of leaving your legs spread, stretch them up and over your partner’s shoulders. This variation on missionary allows for deeper penetration and you’ll both be glad you did it!

However you choose to spend your new year whether it be on a dryer, in a chair, from behind, or all of the above, have fun and stay slutty! Ring in the new year with a bang.